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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: January Edition **

Jan 14, 2014

immyb13 wrote:

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immyb13 wrote:

After playing The Last Of Us and seeing the ending, I really feel that it left open alot of mysteries towards Joel and Id like to see more. Us fans want a sequel with Joel and Ellie. So my question is will you create some marvelous story for us featuring Joel and Ellie because I honestly wont get it if it wont have them in there. lol

Just to make things clear. I am a fan. I obviously wanted a sequel at first. I don't want a sequel anymore, and even less featuring Joel and Ellie. You should say: "Some fans want a sequel with Joel and Ellie". Speak for yourself.

For your information I aint speaking for myself (only but not for everyone), cuz if I was everyone would be against me. 

Even if the majority wants a sequel that doesn't mean everybody wants one. In your comment you should've spoken for yourself, or at least specified that you're talking for most of the fans, BUT not all of them.

Sorry if I'm being mean, which of course I don't mean to.

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: January Edition **

Jan 15, 2014

What outside media and literature do you guys reccomend looking into to get more hyped for the next Uncharted?

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: January Edition **

Jan 15, 2014

Give us a reason why TLOU does not have a 4 player co-op, like survival!!!!

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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: January Edition **

Feb 3, 2014

SORRY GUYS!!! My bad that this is late!!! :/ - traWnza


"Will we ever be able to may change the colour of some Hats or even Masks?" - SonGaton


 A: Each faction has a very distinct aesthetic and we want to maintain that for the multiplayer. Also, this is a post-pandemic world; it’s not very realistic to assume there will be a hot pink Nightmare Mask lying around. We want to maintain the fiction of the Clan system in the multiplayer.  


"Will we ever see a Lab-type game mode in TLoU?" - renatabls


 A: We typically explore The Lab and those kinds of experimental game type options after the multiplayer has been out for a good deal of time. It’s something that might occur with Factions but it’s a mode that takes a good deal of resources to have in the multiplayer and it might be too resource intensive to include in Factions. We have to play with the code yet and see what might be possible.


"Will the first TLOU DLC get Trophy-Support some day? With all the elements like clan, missions, boosters, weapons, purchasables etc. you could make so many creative trophies." - Lordidude


 A: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBEE. Ok, yes. We have trophies in the upcoming single player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind. As for multiplayer trophies in future DLC, that’s still TBD.


"I can't help but notice the similarities in gameplay elements and mechanics between TLOU Factions and Counter Strike. The buying of weapons and items based on parts/money collected, the one-life and no respawning in Survivors. I wonder if you were inspired by CS or the dev team are huge fans of CS." - demonsta500


 A: Counter Strike is a seminal multiplayer experience and a great game. We built The Last of Us Factions to be an experience that provided the tension of the single player above all but we do take inspiration from the games we play.  


"After I beat the game I took a look back at the characters. I felt Joel's development within the game still leaves a mystery to him, I feel I still don't know who he is; what he's capable of; what are the moral lines he still has left to cross. As oppose to Ellie were I felt, I knew all she was capable of and her as a person. My question is did Naughty Dog make Ellie's story development a focal more than Joel's?" - BlackLight-ion


 A: That’s a very astute point. At the end of the day The Last of Us is the story of Joel and Ellie but Ellie’s development as person is more pronounced throughout. The narrative was written that way. Joel’s past is a bit of a mystery still but it’s clear he’s done some immoral things.  Now The Last of Us: Left Behind will fill in some questions you might have about Ellie’s backstory. There’s a lot left to say.



"¡Hi Dogs! There goes my awesome question for you: ¿You have plans for making Left Behind DLC playable without The Last of Us - Original Disc? For example inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, playing the expansion without having the original game, is a great idea and calls the people who don't have The Last of Us, just asking. ¡Have an amazing year! Smiley Wink" - CIausSanAndreas


 A: That’s a cool idea and one we’ve discussed. We have no plans for it at this time but it’s something that’s definitely possible.


"When are we getting a new trailer for Uncharted PS4? (With in-game footage, not just a map) And how would you like Pulp Fiction: The Videogame? Edit: And also, thanks for delivering amazing experiences, such as UC2, UC3 and more recently TLOU. That last game was a blast in every possible way. I replayed it 5 consecutive times, not to mention how much hours I've put in the Uncharted saga, even having platinum'd them. Keep at it Naughty Dog, you make me proud of this medium." - rickyEfs_97


 A: Wow. Thank you for the very kind words. We don’t have a timeline for the next Uncharted PS4 trailer. It’ll be ready once it’s ready. Thanks for your support and patience! We promise to make it worth the wait.

"I think it was Justin Richman that said on Reddit there was a competitive Borneo Map made for Uncharted 2 MP. Don't worry I'm not going to demand you guys add it in now, but was wondering two things: Has it been featured in Uncharted 3 as a Block Mesh Map? And was it this map that was visible in some of the skin icons?" - SjShane


 A: It was developed to the point of block mesh and never went any further than that. The Block Mesh Lab Maps are all new for U3 and created with the Uncharted 3 multiplayer tech.


"In the last Q&A, you guys mentioned that there was a TLOUeaster egg that was taken out of the cruise ship level of Uncharted 3. Can you guys tell us what the easter egg was and where exactly it was located? Perhaps why was it removed?" - AKyemeni


 A: We showed the cruise ship level in some U3 previews. The timing wasn’t right to talk about TLOU and the easter egg was along the lines of the newspaper that’s found in the bar. Hence it got removed. 


"Are there any plans to fix the freezing / loading glitches with TLOU's single player campaign?  See the Technical Questions sub-forum for more information. Thanks." - MrPickelstimes4


 A: We read these forums regularly and we do have plans for future patches that address some of the issues raised in the forums. If there’s a specific issue you’re having please don’t be shy and talk to us via direct message. Some things are very specific and it helps to talk about what can best be done based on our console, networking setup, and region.


Bonus Questions:


"What outside media and literature do you guys reccomend looking into to get more hyped for the next Uncharted?" - Rogue_Eagle


 A: Ahhhhh, that’s a tough one to answer. We can’t say too much without giving a lot of information away but definitely watch the teaser closely. Read the map.


"Just wondering if you guys have any future plans for more official merchandising? The Insert Coin stuff and Project Triforce statue was awesome. Thanks guys! Smiley Happy" - AU7thGear


A: Tons! This year will see a lot of cool, official merchandising activities. We just announced our We Love Fine design contest winners and there’s more to come!


Check out the WLF winners here:



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