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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: December Edition **

Dec 11, 2013
Which multiplayer did you, the developers, have more fun playing, Uncharted 3 or The Last of Us?


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Re: ** Q&A with the Naughty Dog Development Team: December Edition **

Dec 21, 2013

"There's a very cool Hunter and I want to play as him. So why we aren't able to select our favorite Hunter or Firefly in Customization (or at least the Gender)? It won't destroy the idea of Factions because we would still play as a normal Hunter/Firefly." - SonGaton


We looked at giving more choice but didn’t have the time and resources to implement it. However, the idea of not being able to get attached or dependent on any one character is part of the tension and chaos of the game world.  That’s part of the reason you get random characters as well.



"Are you ever going to prioritize triangle functions? If an enemy is near a supply box I am trying to shiv not open a box. If I throw a smoke bomb at an opponent I’m trying to shiv not pick up my downed teammate etc." - INCANGENERAL


We’re looking into smoothing out priority selection on the actions that disrupt game flow but we don’t have any plans to re-map buttons. The actions are contextual to your location.


"Is the "shiv dance" strategy an intentional mechanic in the TLoU MP? E: You can get this to work by circling around an enemy, easiest done whilst they're in the middle of a melee animation." - TeabagMcFrag


Shiv dance? Interesting name. It was intentionally included as part of the combat design. However, we’re tweaking it a bit with our next patch but we want usage of the shiv to be as flexible as possible.

"Why was the High-Five dialogue removed in UC3 MP? During the Subway Beta, and early days of release, some characters would say lines like "Nice work!", "High-Five!" and "That was awesome!" when high-fiving with their buddy. More dialogue makes the game more cinematic, and helps give you the sense you're actually playing as the character you selected. That said, all is forgiven if you let us communicate with team mates with pre-selected character lines in UC4. I'd adore it if Elena could say things like "Wait/Stop", "Kill them/They're over here", "Follow me/Come here", "Get back/Wait here, I'll check it out" "Let's do this quietly", and "Nice one!"." - SjShane


It’s about balancing resources available. Sound files take up space. We have a limited amount of data we can pack onto the disc, or into a download, or else the MP won’t run smoothly. It’s a balancing act.


"With left behind coming soon will there be any future add-ons...weapons, maps?" - twomen1


 We have the third DLC drop on the Season Pass coming after Left Behind. It focuses on multiplayer. More details about what it is will be coming in early 2014.


"A large number of users have been complaining of intermittent freezes while playing Factions since patch 1.05. Is the dev team aware of this issue and trying to fix it?" - demonsta500


 We are aware and we’ve been testing different network and matchmaking settings that seek to address these issues. Every user network environment is different but we try to optimize these issues so they are rarely experienced. Please continue to report any issue to us on the forums.


"Do you have an ETA when we can expect the machete buff and the burst damage vs armor patch?" - ProfessorTurnip


 We’re working on the next patch for TLOU MP and this fix should be in there if we have time to address it.


"Hey ND. Just wondering if the corner shooting with the bow is legitimate or a glitch. Would like to hear your feedback. Thanks! Smiley Happy Reference:


 It’s legitimate and we wanted it in the game. It’s something we’re considering re-balancing if it gets too out of control. It’s simply a technique right now.  


"Do you plan on making a sequel to The Last of Us? If so, can you drop any hints about it, or when it may be released?" - SkaiiFall


We are working The Last of Us: Left Behind right now. UNCHARTED for PS4 is our next project. Beyond that it’s a savage land, anyone’s guess.


"When do you plan on giving us more ranks/symbols to level through? I've been at the 10th rank for like 2 months." - DOPESTSOLDIER


You’re awesome. A majority of the players aren’t there yet so consider yourself elite. We’re investigating adding more ranks potentially but it’s not guaranteed.  However trophies will be happening at some point so look for those.



"Do you still plan on releasing new mesh maps for UC3?" – Derflinger


We’ve released all the Block Mesh Lab Maps we have ready to date. If we can find time to resurrect some of the ones that never got finished but need some work we might add more. However, it’s looking unlikely that we will have time and resources to do that.  


"Which multiplayer did you, the developers, have more fun playing, Uncharted 3 or The Last of Us?" – Akyemeni


That’s a very subjective and difficult to answer question. A lot of our devs who worked on Uncharted 3 MP also worked on TLOU MP. It’s always a matter of making the MP that’s the most fun that fits the game. They were both a lot of fun and we hope you feel the same way. 

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