Jun 23 2013
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The last of us Multiplayer

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Hi i love The last of us and the multiplayer is really good but there are two things that bohers me with the multiplayer.

1. It doesn´t seem to have a very good matchmaking system, when i was in queue (i´m level 3) i get matched up with a player that is level 88 and a player that is 48. Lucky for me those two guys was in my team but the game was not challenging at all

2. The setback. When you get disconnected from a game, that game will count as a game where you find zero resources an this really sets you back, i had a clan with 50 healthy inhabitants and then i join a game and then i get disconnected, 13 got sick and 37 got hungry, no one was healthy. I think that this setback is very annoying. 

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Re: The last of us Multiplayer

Jul 23, 2013

I believe they've fixed it so now if you get d/c'd your people don't get hungry/sick. Now they just have to do something about all the cheaters. I'm seriously glad I'm on the 12th week of my 2nd playthrough, because after I get that Gold trophy, I probably won't touch the multiplayer again. Seriously, these people are ruining the experience.

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