May 05 2013
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The Uncharted Series,Review and my thought.

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Hi,today I would like to talk about the UC series,so far,from my point of view.

First i have to tell you all that everything began for me in may of 2011 when i got the PS3 slim as a gift,i remember that moment as one of the best moments of my life,it changed it,my PS3 came with UC2 an Assassin's Creed 2,those 2 games marked my life,being on the top of my personal favorite games list of this generation,(history,gameplay,maps,that feel of want to play it over and over...),i can remember the first time i played both games,when my controller vibrated,i remember that i felt like a god withall the power in my hands,all those hours spent playing both singleplayer and multiplayer,ah i think i even remember the particular smell of the UC2 box ( xD ),however i played the UC 1 later,and fascinated by the game i pre-ordered UC3 (and i got the creepy crawler from gamestop! ha! >Smiley Very Happy ),and here im,telling my history,hope u like it,and sorry for make it look too long.

Well,it all began in earlier 2007 with the announcement of UnchartedSmiley Very Happyrake's fortune,for the just released PS3 console as an exclusive game for the sony platform,many peoplee said that it wouldnt be an exciting game or something like that,when it came out,it got good reviews,lets face it,some things were bad and inconsistent and that,but it was a good game,some prizes and yes,cool.

Then,it was announced the Uncharted 2: Among thieves,a full game of the year,an epic award winner,A GAME,you cant just call a game just because its a software in a cd that you put in a console or pc and mkes you tasks,a game is something that makes you go to another world,it makes you feel the history,it makes you to want know what is going to happen next,it makes you feel happy,sad,it makes you cry,laugh.

however evereything was perfect,the history,the music and the multiplayer,evening the glitches on the maps,(come on guys why did you took them off in U3?,they were pretty funny),good balance overall and many many many many maaaaaany prizes,(it deserved them didnt it?).

Then it was announced UC3 ,when i got it in my hands,and i went right into the main menu,i heard that music,i remember my mom was scared 'cause the way i jumped n runned all over the house,the history,everything was perfect on it but,in the last chapters it went a little  down,when i was in london i felt like 007,when in the chateu (i spelt it right? xD) and siria i felt like indiana jones,it was awesome,the multiplayer,an awesome thing,loadouts,skins,taunts (thank god u put the pump at a low level cause i broke my balls getting it on UC2),loved it,but still i have to say that you guys didnt beat the classic,UC2>UC3,i mean the game was epic,but lets make an example,in the starwars series theres some movies better than others,i still lovee UC3,and im going to love it for a long time.


Overall my top is






Those who had UC2 and UC3 know what im talking about.


Finally my things about UC4,(we all know that UC3 cant be the last game in the series),well i dont know,recommendations?...uuh...a bit more soundtracks and with a more inspiring scent,(i know the soundtracks are made of the cultural music style of the location of the main objective,(UC2 shambala=Himalayas,UC3 UBAR=arabia),but the UC3 themes doesnt inspired me that much as the UC2 ones,that's the only thing i have to say keep up the good job!,(with the last of us too!)


Guys,hope you like it,those where my thoughts,if any ND guy or girl read this,spread the voice,YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  Man LOL






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