Jun 30 2013
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The Last of Us glitch in The Woods, world stops loading

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Hey, i got the last of us and was loving it up until chapter 4, where *spoilers* after exiting the woods, dealing with the 2 clickers and boosting ellie over the fence, walking right causes the game to crash. i'm still able to move joel around, but the visuals of the terrain stops loading (i can still move around and interact somewhat) but at the same time music stops, and anything i pick up doesnt really show (there is a note by a baracade type thing, when i pick it up it wont even show me the text/say what it is. 


is this a known issue? is this a bug that can be fixed? i'm really wanting to play this game but its not letting me!


edit: playing through the first level with Tess, after going outside the city, the same bug occurs when trying to reenter the quarantine zone, roughly after where i pass her the plank from the floor

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