Sep 04 2012
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The Last of Us Exclusive Shirt and Key Art Auction

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Attention all The Last of Us Fans!


Ever looked at pictures of Naughty Dog staff wearing that amazing black TLOU shirt? Have you ever dreamed of owning one yourself? Well now you can!


On September 20th, I will be selling an exclusive TLOU black tee-shirt, along with a Key Art signed by the voice actors of Joel and Ellie, all via Ebay.


I only have one of each item so get ready to bid. 




Item Descriptions: 


TLOU Shirt: A black tee-shirt (M) with The Last of Us in white on the front, and the Naughty Dog Logo on the back. This shirt is one of seven in the world (givin to fans, excluding ND staff members). Pricing will start at $60 (USD) and increase per bid. Shirt Showcasing

*UPDATE: I have been offered $110 for this item, may not be in stalk soon. Reply if you have a higher offer!


Signed Key Art: A small 8.5'' x 5.5'' image of Joel and Ellie, signed by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the voice actors. This Key Art is one of seven in the world (givin to fans, excluding ND staff). Pricing will start at $80 (USD) and increase per bid. Key Art Showcasing




Purchase Info:


Shipping: These two items will be shipped from Florida, USA. International shipping will cost more (sorry Europe fans).




More info will be added later, keep checking back to this post. Reply with any questions!


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