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I have played the first Uncharted for 200 hours plus an got Platinum 

I played Uncharted 2 For 600 hours+ and have platinum (23,000 online kills)

Uncharted 3 i have played 300 hours (and counting) and also got platinum (3500 kills)

I already Played The Last Of Us for 100 hours and nearly have platinum 


i have no idea how long i played Crash back in the day but i owned all 4 of those games all 100%

i beat Jak & daxter 

i cant beat jak 2 =( 

i beat jak 3 


these are my games from them:


Crash Bandicoot 

Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back 

Crash Bandicoot Warped 

Crash Team Racing (CTR) 

Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy 

Jak II 

Jak 3 

Jak X Combat Racing(just bought)

Uncharted Drake's Fortune 

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves 

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception 

The Last Of Us 


i've noticed each playstation console they have made 4 games per system, i cant wait until PS4 because i know that game will look **bleep** amazingly beautiful and be another game to win GOTY.  its kinda like Naughty Dog is just like the God of Developers. they just make the most perffect games in the world with story and characters, voice, actors, script everything 

every game they have made for PS3 has won some GOTY. Well Uncharted 1 got ps3 game of the year, which is just beyond amazing for this perfect company. I mean they said themselves they had a new team, new console, new ip, new technology, ""it was like brain surgury with a chainsaw"" yet that game was still AMAZING.  with the PS4 technology can you guys just imagine what ND will be able to do with it ? omg , the game they make for the next playstation will be a gift from heaven, just like all of their games are 

PlayStation Owner Since 1996 .

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