Mar 24 2013
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Please naughty dog read this post

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Hi good morning, ladies and gentlemen of Naughty Dog. On this day, I propose to give the fans what they want, a new Jak and Daxter.

I have the story of a new Jak and Daxter, Created from Microsoft Word, For my.

In this new game in the series, there will be new weapons, new vehicles, new worlds and new emotions course,the new hero must face his worst enemy and his dark past.

I like many of them, I also want a new Jak and Daxter.

Please Utilize the story that sent you, with it we we achieve the acclaim of the fans of this great game.

From a follower,  for many followers.

They can change what you want about the story but please. Get him out for ps3, if not I i cannot play. I have ps3.

Sincerely thank you so much for your attention and time.

And please translate the story, Is in Spanish.

Please read, me is  a hard  time.

Make stories  good.

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