May 26 2013
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Neil and Bruce

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Do you think that Neil and Bruce will stay and work together in the following projects at Naughty Dog?

They seem to make a pretty good couple, I mean as a professional relationship.

I think The Daily Telegraph called them "the Coen Brothers of videogames", and they did got inspired by The Coens to make The Last of Us after all.

I really hope they stick together as professional partners so that they can provide the mature development this industry needs.


Edit: After playing The Last of Us I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog has got in store for the PS4. Probably team A will continue making games for a more mature audience, while team B will be making games for a younger audience. Hopefully Neil and Bruce work together on their following projects.

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Re: Neil and Bruce

May 27, 2013
i hope they do, they are the best
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