May 03 2013
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Naughty Dog Website Login Error (PSN Ticket Error)

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I receive the following error every time I try to sign in to the Naughty Dog website:


PSN Ticket Error


This error has persisted for several months on different computers. The login credentials are being typed in correctly as I am able to sign in to other PSN websites (such as this forum) with no problems. In fact, mistyping either my username or password will yield a completely different message. For reference, I have a U.S. account; I'm only noting this because non-U.S. users have noted this might be due to the country the account is tied to.


I have emailed Naughty Dog about this a few times over the past several months and have never received a response. Searching for this on Google shows other users having the same issue, but no resolution ever being found.


Where do I need to post this to get a resolution from Naughty Dog? Or should I simply assume Naughty Dog doesn't care based on the persistence of the error with their site (and only their site) and lack of responses to my emails?

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