Feb 19 2014
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ND Get Gamers, they really do...

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ND get what gaming is meant to be about.... when I game I want to be transported away from my boring RL and into a story complete world where I can feel and believe the game experience and relish the time invested in it!  They have created such a rich believeable world with such authentic and realistic charachters that you can't help being drawn into their lives and their plight to survive each day with the infected.   The tension TLOU and LB makes you feel as you move about their incredibly crafted world is an experience I have never felt before in all my years of gaming going back to the early 80's..   


It isn't like any other game, some games try to scare you with hordes of zombies or vague set pieces that most can see a mile away (Think Doom 3)  oh gee another Monster just came out of the wall.......  but TLOU is much more subtle, the whole scene is one of fear and trepidation,  the combat is realistic and brutal and not just gore and hack like all those Zombie games, you can really feel like there is a fight for survival going on, survivors trying to live in a new harsh world!    Left Behind just continues this masterpiece, a short romp back to my favourite 'reality' which answered some questions I had about the original game and perhaps raised some more.     I know one thing for sure, ND just have to keep Ellie and Joel in the series going forward,  we have come to know and love them too much just to have the story move on past them!  What does the future hold for those 2,   you know sometimes I have to pinch myself and realise they arn't actually real people,   that is some serious kudo's to the talented voice and facial acting, but like I said it is just part of the complete package that is TLOU.


Thanks ND you have given this old gamer some of the best gaming experience, can't wait for TLOU 2, I hope you guys are storyboarding like crazy after all the success and awards you have received for TLOU and now Left Behind!  (Can't wait to see graphically what you guys can pull off on the PS4 as well given how great TLOU and LB look on the ageing PS3).








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Re: ND Get Gamers, they really do...

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Mar 3, 2014

I'm probably about your age and I have to agree 100%.


After the success of The Walking Dead in 2012 and now TLOU in 2013, I hope other developers get a hint about what people want to play. I hope ND really "paved the way for other game developers" (citation from Neil in "Grounded") and we will see more games that really matter, give you something to think and talk about, and first of all, let you FEEL. There are millions of games out there to buy nowadays, and 99% of them are just a way to waste your time. Let the evolution begin! Smiley Happy

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