Aug 09 2013
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Multiplayer game levels

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People love multiplayer, but in the game they're always up against the computer.  I always thought it would be so cool if we could team up with our own friends and and take out the literal level together.


Not to mention.....


The enemies we go up against can be real people!  I think its possible.  Just like any chat room people walk in and leave at any time, and if there's more enemies than people, the computer can always take over that character.


I imagine the enemies to be something like Playstation Network, where the gamer with the most tropies is the leader of the pact, and can choose to kick out and turn back to computer anyone he chooses (you better listen to him).  His main goal: KIll Joel and Ellie.  The whole suspence is they may be in social environment for hours trying to prepare their defences, or just simply shooting it (we can invent enemy games to kill time), then, out of nowhere comes a Joel and Ellie taking them out one by one. 


Yes Joel is out numbered, but through a good time of play through, we can figure out how much handicap Joel needs so even up against the most elite enemy players, its still possible for an expert Joel to defeat all enemies in an expert gaming room.  Yes, Joel is ment to win, but ohh how good it will be if a leader takes out a King gamer Joel through mere ingeniousness.  Just once, becuase once Joel dies, He gets an infinate chance to keep coming back until he defeats that pack.  After the first death, all defenses are done away with and enemys go back to default, a small handicap for Joel if he dies.

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