Aug 30 2012
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Issues with Co-op Arena

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I would like to start off by saying you have made a wonderful game. I mainly want to talk about the co-op arena part of the game. All these problems might sound small but I think for Co-op players it would mean a lot of see these added and fixed. First off on the map Airport the brute doesn’t give you the full amount of points, it gives you half the points for killing him. Secondly, why have maps been removed from co-op? I understand spawn points being a problem but I know in Adventure - London underground the enemies do the poof thing, why can’t this be the way enemies spawn in maps not on Co-op arena’s list. Thirdly Why can’t enemy skins be used on Co-op? At Legacy 5 you unlock clown mask so, why not just let us play as who we want on there?Another thing What happen to all the uncharted 2 skins too? I know a lot of people have been asking for Rika, heist outfits, and many others. Last thing is colors, why is there a glitch to get the 3rd person in Adventure new colors while there is no way to actually get them? Can’t we just get all the colors for everyone even if some have more than others, it would be nice to have the option. This is about all I have a problem with Co-op Arena.

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Re: Issues with Co-op Arena

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Aug 30, 2012

I feel you on this one, I really do believe they should pay attention to their better child (Co-op) instead of their more successful screw-up child (Competitive.)


Co-op is a lot better in a lot of U3 fan's opinions, you're working as a team and not running around ruthlessly beating each other up, and online characters complaining about lagging, and how the game is broken.


I don't see an issue with adding any type of villain in co-op arena, hell, we've seen before Drake (a hero obviously) working along side his old friend Eddy Raja (Villain) and they were fighting off swarms of enemies side by side. I feel it would be the same scenario.


Wait a second! Go a bit in the future... Well whatayaknow, is that, yep, Nathan Drake (Once again, our hero) Fighting along side his old friend (Now foe) Harry Flynn (If you haven't figured it out he's the bad guy in this situation) Fighting side by side, defeating swarms of enemies.


Now, I see an opportunity to say: "Hey, let's make it so people can (Somewhat) recreate this scene so people can team up with Drake, Sully, and all other heroes and come together to have a duke out with the pirates and other baddies that you could come acrossed! They all come together to survive!" *Epic super flying High-five*


That's a scenario I'd pay to see. Come on ND, lets see some major Co-op updates!

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