May 27 2013
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Interview with Naughty Dog "Where is Jak & Daxter"

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Hello guys, I'm Pedro from Pure|News


We have recently did an interview with Ricky Cambier from the development team regarding The Last of Us, and we have asked a question about Jak & Daxter.


Personally for me this was the most important question, and i wanted to share with any other fans out there that miss this franchise. I'm not doing this for likes or subscribes or hits, I'm doing this because of the fans ONLY.


Question: "Where is Jak & Daxter"


Answer : "We have that IP. we think they're wonderful characters if there ever comes a time we can deliver something unique and new experiences and we could deliver something new and unique with those characters we would love to bring them back"


That's it guys.. Nothing confirmed or not let's hope for next gen.. The link is below if the moderator feels i'm violating the rules because of it please do so and remove it.




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Re: Interview with Naughty Dog "Where is Jak & Daxter"

May 27, 2013

In other words: we won't see a new Jak&Daxter anytime soon. Too bad Smiley Sad

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