Apr 10 2013
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Hello hello hello, my name is Sam. I love coco pops and sliding down the stairs on my quilt.


Just bought a PlayStation 3 today (as you can see below) to enjoy the wonders of Naughty Dog. I've heard good things about them (and enjoyed crash bandicoot). I also bought Uncharted 3 alongside my  PS3.




I also love internet forums as they can be home to some friendly and witty people. This thread is an introduction, and also a reaching out to what your PSNiD's are. I have one friend so far so my friends list is looking dusty.


- What's your PSNiD? (Mine is QuicktimeSam)

- What's one random thing you do which you don't think anybody else does? (I front flip into bed sometimes)


I hope you're a chill community. Cat Very Happy

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Uncharted Territory
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Re: Hello.

Apr 19, 2013

Hey Sam, great to have you here! If you like Uncharted 3, pick up the first two. Drakes Fortune, and Among Thieves. Both superb games. I hope you're also checking out The Last of Us as well!


Oh, my PSN is TheNobleSquirrel. (But if you look to the right <------- you can see everyone's PSNid! Just a friendly tip.)

The most random thing I do? Throw on some music and pretend to fight an **bleep** ton if ninjas. But, I'm pretty sure everyone does that Smiley Happy

Naughty Dogs #1 Fanboy!
"I hate cliff hangers." -Ellie.
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