Oct 23 2013
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Halloween Things, huray!

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Pumpkin Head just for frustrating Tournament Tier *Gold*. Yaaaaay! I can celebrate because EVERY one can EASILY get Gold tier! Uncharted 3 Holiday Events are best! I LOVE to pay some real Cash or enter the Tournament cause there are NO Lobbies full of Campers, KAL-7, Lag, Hacker Cheater and Guys who use Lag to cheat and make easy Kills! Huray!


And on the Side of TLoU... Halloween suprise too! Hats with Flag Logos on it! Very scary (I can say about the price)! But hey, we all loved these Flag Shirts in U3! And really everyone has that Season Pass! EVERYONE! Who not (and that is impossible) misses these awesome things!!!!11 But hey, you can pay 99 Cents for each Hat!


These years Special Day Items are sooooo cool!


No, srsly. That's not cool ND. I want some free stu..... Hold on... Can I actually say that? I mean this is a Forum 'bout ND... ND!!!!!!111111

You mean the hardest weapon in the game to master and get good with and actually requires skill DOESN'T need a nerf?!?
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Re: Halloween Things, huray!

Oct 24, 2013

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This is one of the best videos ever, watch it
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