Mar 02 2014
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Does Naughty Dog have an Intern system?

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so ive een looking into some internships for companys, and i thought itd be cool to intern for something like naughty dog, do they have an intern system, or anything similar?

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Re: Does Naughty Dog have an Intern system?

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Mar 3, 2014

There is a career section on their homepage, I have not seen anything about an internship program.

But they have loads of open positions at the moment. And I bet they also have interns.


I would either:

- Contact the HR department first, and ask them about any internship programs and the prerequisites

- Just directly write them a really good and creative application, and see if they answer


I would not hang my expectations too high though. ND is one of the holy grails of Game Development. It would be a miracle to get in there. (And I would be JEALOUS AND HATE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME IF YOU MANAGE - jk )


Good luck Smiley Happy



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