May 12 2013
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Co op vs Competitive

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What do u think? And why?

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Re: Co op vs Competitive

May 18, 2013
Co op for the win. Its a great mode to really get to know the people you're playing with and see what type of player they really are. It feels so good when you all work together to help each other get to the end of round ten. Teamwork is such a huge factor and i'll take that any day over competitive.
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Re: Co op vs Competitive

May 19, 2013

Both modes can be funny (costume).

But the most time competetive pisses me off cause 99% of all players uses M9 with Rate of Fire, KAL7, Micro with RoF and Revenge! Also it laggs really. Costume Games are very funny. I love Competetive Matches with/against 5 friends as Costume Game.


The most time I'm searching for public games (and thats very often) I search for Cooperative Arena 'cause it makes fun. Play as a team against CPU's and that. And when I play Cooperative Adventure I think that I play Campaign with friends.




Public: Almost just Cooperative

Costume: Very often Team Deathmatch.


Sorry if my Post is unreadable, I'm just a german from Naziland Smiley Tongue

You mean the hardest weapon in the game to master and get good with and actually requires skill DOESN'T need a nerf?!?
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