Nov 01 2012
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Bring Back Single Player Store??

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What happened to the single player store why didn't Naughty Dog decide to add the single player store In uncharted 3. The single player store In U2 was great it was fun, funny and added heaps more hours In your playthrough In the campaign it also made people replay the campaign just because it was so fun and funny to have a single player store.

I remember using the no gravity and the fast motion tweak and I used to have a really fun time. I also remember putting on donut Nathan drake during the campaign and laughing at lot. In uncharted 2 their was a part In the beginning of the game where your In the museum and Flynn says you've put on weight and then he says no more donuts for you if you have the donut Nathan drake skin on its really funny. Smiley Happy

Why naughty dog why didn't you put the single player store In uncharted 3 In would've added heaps more hours of your playthrough of the campaign and could've made it more fun and funnier for some people.


Even though it is kinda too late for it, It'll be really great if you can.

Please Naughty Dog can you put the single player store In uncharted 3. Smiley Happy

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