Jun 22 2013
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A Game Idea

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Hey Naughty Dog, I was just thinking that since you recently finished your game The Last Of Us, you guys must be trying to think of a new game idea!  So I have one for you.   So this game is a survival game that puts all players to the test, There are 3 different modes you can choose from, The first one is called Wilderness (or something like that) you spawn in a randomly generated forest and your goal is to see how long you can survive, although you can catch diseases and animals are loose it gives you the feeling that you are lost in the woods.  The second mode is called Apocalypse, in Apocalypse mode you are in a BIG city and there is a end-of-the-world scenario going on (fore example tornadoes and cracks in the ground are forming, so pretty much natural disasters) the goal is to see how long you can survive.  The third an final mode is Zombie mode.  Zombie mode is where you are spawned in the same BIG city that you were in on Apocalypse mode except this time there are zombies.  You can loot buildings and set up bases to survive the un-dead horde.  One more thing that I would highly recomend in this game would be a Drop In CO-OP mode so friends can join you if you need help or something.  Thanks for listening to my ideas Naughty Dog this would be a kind of game that I would spend 100 dollars on.  If you like my idea then please reply.

~From A Fellow Gamer
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