Dec 02 2011
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Having problems with GH/RB..suggestions??

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I'm having a problem with Guitar Hero Metallica having messed up graphics/artifacts ONLY during band play with a guitar and bass TOGETHER. Now, when I play GH Metallica on drums on a single career, I never have a problem, same with bass.

Rockband, this is weird. RB2, never have a problem with it, never. RB3 however, it seems we get one or two gigs done in our tour mode, and the game completely freezes up, even the system freezes up, so I just have to eject the disc and let the PS3 reset itself.

I also have Call of Duty:Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5, and NHL '11 and don't have problems with any of those games. Suggestions would be helpful. I've already done the delete game utility, full restore, quick restore, safe mode restore files, all that.

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