Jul 03 2012
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Weeds *Discussion Thread*

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I tried searching for an existing thread but all I found was this.


Anyway, it seems we need a Weeds thread.


On Showtime, starring Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin.  TV-MA, so please keep the discussion appropriate.



A new season has just started.  As you may recall, we ended the last season with our fearless leader in the crosshairs.  BLAM!


Yesterday's episode showed her being shot in the head and miraculously surviving.  They rushed her to the hospital and all sorts of crazy antics ensued once people began visiting her in the hospital room.


I thought it was especially funny how they all seemed to get kicked out of the hospital one at a time.  Almost makes you feel sorry for the "normal" lady visiting the old man in the other hospital bed.

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Re: Weeds *Discussion Thread*

Jul 10, 2012

I don't have Showtime but I've seen the episodes on Netflix. It's a good show and I'll watch the rest of the series when Netflix gets them. Nancy's brother is hilarious.

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Re: Weeds *Discussion Thread*

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Jul 17, 2012

OK I was blown away by that one woman's description of the guy who shot Nancy.


He has rabbits in those boxes, at least they used to be when they were alive.  They're all named Peter.  I told him not to set them out in the sun but he's not really a listener.  Just don't try to pet them.  He doesn't like it when you pet them.


Your son looks like one of his regular non-albino friends.


And then she punches that wall.


Wow.  Messed up place.

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