Jul 25 2001
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Harrison Ford

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A real American hero. The actor everyone wants to see be the hero. You've heard about those 2 rescues he made with his helicopter, proving he knows how to act like a hero because he is one. He's why the original Star Wars was a phenom, and Indy Jones was so great. He's Harrison Ford, and he could make Howard the Duck look like a winner. (Well, NO ONE could do that.) You saw him in the Fugitive. But Tommy Lee Jones ends up with the Oscar for his portrayal of Sam Gerard. But it was Ford who made the movie shine. Need proof? How well was US Marshals, the sequel with Jones but not Ford, received? We need a Harrison Ford movie this summer to save us from these box office losers.

Vin Diesel.. incredible? HA HA HO HO HE HE HOO HOO sorry pencaps. (Just Kidding! ) Actually, Vin Diesel was the best thing about Fast and the Furious, besides the cars of course. But he's no Harrison Ford.

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Well Harrison FOrd's next movie isnt out til end of the year or 2002 sometime.......

Jul 25, 2001
He plays a Russian Sub Captain. I want to see him as a really EVIL bad guy sometime. =)

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