Jun 06 2012
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Why I would love to see Motorstorm again...

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Whenever it will be the time to release a PS4, please



give me a new Motorstorm,

so that my jaw can drop just like the first time i saw it on PS3.

The game was great, showed a fantastic level of detail (mud, destruction), the very different ways to play (Truck, Bike...) and I totally loved the festival atmosphere.

And I remember playing it which two other guys in rotation for about 8 hours.

It was so much fun to play, because my friends who are not too familiar with racing games got into it very quickly and we keep on playing MSPR and MSA till today.

The 4 Player Race is most asked for, when we come together and I own a lot of diffferent Multiplayer Games.

It was an exciting challenge for singleplayer, fun on Splitscreen and great online. For me it is the best racing game on PS3.

The unique style was what made the first MS stand out so much. I was so glad this wasnt another game where i had to pick a Viper, Porsche 911 or Ford GT.

And if there will be a new generation of this game, i wont buy it, because i have a PS4 - I would buy a PS4 for this game!

So please...make Motorstorm return on your next generation.


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Re: Why I would love to see Motorstorm again...

Jun 17, 2012

I agree.   Good post !!

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