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Dec 04 2006
By: Kroneage Monster Hunter 42 posts

The full game review at Kikizo, says "Motorstorm&quo...

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The full game review at Kikizo, says "Motorstorm" is as good or better in some ways as the E-3 demonstration! But in the meantime until the game is launched in a final version, we'll have to deal with the invasion of the Xbots and M$ paying off reviewers. Oh you think Microcrap wouldn't do that? Microsoft is known in the industry as a company capable of anything and no Corporation has ever come out of any partnership with them, unscathed. Their competitive skills have been honed to a razors edge and creepy slimey tactics have ruled it's underworld since Bill Gates so handlely stole DOS from his buddy, Gary Kildal in the early 80's. Who never got the credit he deserved for so many computer inovations, while "Bill Gates" a college drop out had way paved with the luxury of being from a wealthy influential family! (hopefully this won't be repeated with Ken Kutaragi san)

Just consider their many breaches of contract against IBM, a corporation that gets it's hand burned each and every time they extend it in good faith to Microsoft! From DOS (complete w/ evil easter eggs to extend their power), to when Microsoft Developed OS-2 and were secretly writing Windows and withholding features from IBM's Custom Designed system, only to launch their own Operating system. Then hyping their own system and degrading the system they build for a hefty price for IBM. A very good system was hounding off the market by lies from it's own creator.  Recently Micro attempted to use these tactics to quell the competition from Open Source Linux! They called it, "Get the Facts"! They twisted numbers and spread mis-information in an attempt to stop the spread Linux, as it has become a legitimate threat to it's world domination. They failed! The world is becoming better seeing the "Monster's" devious ways in the corporate world.

When IBM again commissioned Microsoft to develop a new operating system for them in the later 90's, Microsoft again (after receiving a lot of money) double crossed them and decited to keep the commercial product financed by IBM for themselves. That operating system was NT that in time has become Windows XP and now Vista!  To top this all off Microselfish bought off SCO more recently when IBM became a heavy supporter of Open Source and Linux! So if I was Novell/SuSE in this recent deal, I think everyone has learned to keep Microselfish at arm's length. Especially now with the "Monkey Man" Steve Balmer in charge.

Now back to Motorstorm and this severely messed up thread spreading rumours by obvious Xbots in an attempt to discount Sony's PS3 and the Motorstorm Development crew! The fact that any negative posts are obvious Xbots or employees of the now infamous double crossing and crooked Microselfish Evil Empire is a given. The fact that palms are being greased to discount the games as well as the PS3 will in the end come back to haunt all the naysayers. The proof is in the pudding and I for one have a bad taste in my mouth for the M$'s corupt tactics and will never support them ever again.

If you want proof of the quality built into the PS3 and it's games, go to sites that refuse to be bought by M$ and instead put out honest reviews of the full completed games, not done after playing a demo or a store kiosk. One such place is as I mentioned Kikizo and I've supplied the link below. Oh another thing that I find despicable is the constant bashing of Sony and the man responsible for a true revolution in computing, Ken Kutaragi! It seems no one has a mind of their own and is capable of fathoming the contributions of this man, through a company that has always operated with honor and above all the integrity that Microsoft and it's leaders so glaringly lack!  In two years, we'll have a better picture and looking back and into the future will reveal a 3Peat with the PS3 for Sony as the reigning champions! Hopely it is not too late to give Ken Kutaragi his due for his unique genius and many accomplishments with Sony!   This review claims Motorstorm in a more recent full game release preview "EXCEEDS" the CGI video! They claim even in this early state it is the Killer Ap to beat, for the PS3!

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