Aug 10 2009
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New race videos from Lewis

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Lewis_Hamilton_ posted some great new race videos on the new tracks that are a lot of fun to watch.


The Reef Runner race is pretty fun to watch side by side with my video. Even though they're not from the same race, my time is within about .5 seconds so they sync up pretty well and you get a good idea where both drivers are. I think this track and the new Badlands Volcanic are gonna make things really interesting with alternate routes that are actually competitive!

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Re: New race videos from Lewis

Aug 11, 2009
These videos, are always helpful to me. Thank you!
Lost legends of Motorstorm
- Molotov Drago Firetruck FD-1
- raVine Springbok Kalahari
- Red Ozutsu Ronin
- Pink Ozutsu Ronin
- Zebra Castro Capatino
- Red Marathon Springbok Kalahari "12"

- Electric Blue & Light Gray Wulff Revo
- Camo Ozutso Ronin
- KARman Red Wulff Revo
- Yellow with Light Blue Flmed Patriot Thundercheif
- White with an Orange Star Castro Robusto
- Blue Springbok Kalahari
- 316 Patriot Suger
- Under Cover ( FEDERAL) Black and White Patriot Suger
- Sandman Ozutso Ronin
- D-Bex Ozutsu Damyou ( LOL )
- "BIG JOE'S Chili dogs" Patriot Bushwacker
- White, Black, & Gray Camo Atlas Jackhammer
- Blue and White "MARATHON" paintjob for the Italia Vulcan
- Blue, Green, Silver, and Black Womat Typhoon
- Purple Sonix Wulff Revo
- A lot of cool paintjobs for the Patriot Renegade
- Black Springbok Kalahari with a 666 on the rear fenders and Ehite Lightning strikes on what should be the doors.

PM me about these please, or nothing will be done. If you have any paintjobs to add, please tell me, even on off subject threads. IF YOU WANT ANY OF THESE paintjobs for these trucks,do something !! EVO , PLEASE !!!!!
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