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Re: New Win Streak!!!!

Jul 7, 2010

critter80 wrote:


pnugg wrote:

I didn't realize we were allowed to say we hate someone on these forums because these moderators are sooooo strict.  






I hate cheaters (even though i use the Rift glitch in ranked rooms and the NEB cheat on the Edge)

I hate french people ( even the ones who don't live in France )

I hate country western music

I hate critter80

I hate mustard, ketchup, and mayonaisse

I hate soccer or euro football or whatever

I hate time attack (a little less than before, but still hate it)

I guess thats it for now.  I'll post agin if I think of anything else I hate







Oh yeah and congrats on the streak, very impressive hate cheaters? come you have one of the highest wrecking averages mainly on those tracks where people overboost? razorback and riptide?....on razorback i have 0.37 crashes per have the hell do you crash that often on that track if you don´t overboost over the ramp here and there???.....on Riptide i have 0.49 crashes per have 1.46!!!.....your deathrate is the secondhighest right behind maik_m´s on many tracks in the top20 at VIP-site(ranked) You saying you hate cheaters is a joke


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Re: New Win Streak!!!!

Jul 7, 2010

Locked due to flaming.

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