Feb 12 2013
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Motorstorm RC not uploading times

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None of my times on the events seem to be uploading to the server or contributing to my overall time within each sector. For instance, I have already completed the ten events on Monument Valley, with times ranging from 14 seconds to 1:18 minutes. Then, the sum of all my times should be something about 14 minutes or less. Despite of that, my overall time which is actually being shown in the time table is 5 hours+....



Obviously this is a great fail! This prevents me from even dream about platinum trophy. If there's no solution for this issue (that is a kind of old one), I would really like my money back.



Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Re: Motorstorm RC not uploading times

Nov 3, 2013

While this reply is a bit late, I have the exact same problem!


What gives?


Does anyone know how to get past this?  Is this a glitch?  Have they stopped uploading times for MS:RC?

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