Nov 24 2006
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Motorstorm Demo Impressions

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I'm not a real big racing game fan.  The last few titles in a few series have really disappointed me and I really just haven't had a lot of fun.  Enter Motorstorm.  I have never been so happy playing a racing game.  The incredible visuals (which will only get better), the great soundtrack, & the insane & totally humorous effects come together to create an experience that is really stand out for the genre.  I bought Resistance: FoM and I keep finding myself going back to the Motorstorm Demo with its one track and two vehicles.  Its that fun.

Example of typical gameplay:  I had a few friends over and we fired up Motorstorm taking turns on the motorcycle.  The race starts out with a 10 second boost restriction, allowing the racers to gain some ground before the nitrous can kick in.  ( ) As a bike you can weave in and out of the larger trucks around you, hitting the square button (action button) to taunt as you pass.  I try and gain position, hitting square again next to a fellow biker, knocking him off his bike head first into an oncoming truck causing it to slam into the bike, blowing both up then having the truck just behind it boost forward into that wreck just as it occurred, into my path.  I dodge it as the wreckage flies off the first jump.  Ok so the first 20 seconds of the race have gone by so far and were up to the 1st turn.  ( )I go for a wide turn just as I pass a few trucks who were going at it next to me, so I take a look in the rear view as I go down the straightaway to splitoff that ends in destruction.  One truck emerged the victor as he sent the other one slamming into a ditch with the burning vehicle exploding off the cliff.  So now I've got a lot of trucks right behind me and gaining so I decide to keep heading down the straightaway ( & rather than the ramp to the left.  I felt safe at the time, but that "ends in destruction" part caught up to me.  The trucks who took the left ramp had boosted neck and neck with me on the raised area and slammed into my lane off of their jump destroying a nearby biker, 2 trucks and me.  ( -Speed & Lensflare, 56 Seconds In).  So I respawn in ghost mode as well as my fellow racers and we head into the bowl.  My strategy- save the boost for the bowl.  You really feel the speed here as you start kicking up dirt onto the screen, the view begins to shake, & the vehicle begins to literally tear itself apart as your wheels begin to wobble off.  Ok so I've made it past the bowl and I'm leading with vehicles on my tail after a similar boost pattern.  Ahead I've got a sharp U-Turn to head onto the final leg of the lap.  A few trucks weasel their way next to me right as I make the sharp left and I get pummeled into oblivion in another pile up, slowing the rest of the pack down.  I respawn and gun it down the straightaway and up the two ramps leading to the final seconds of the lap.  I've got another biker right up next to me now and I was able to do one of the most satisfying knock downs I've ever had in a game, sprawling his bike into the nearby competition.  I complete the lap.  It was time for 2 more!

If I could sum up this demo in two words, I would be torn between must buy and insane fun.
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