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Sep 15 2012
By: Shadyhere Fender Bender 3393 posts

Noob Help for restarting MGS PW

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I last played MGS Peace Walker on my other console(HD Collection) but, I'd like to restart on my Vita. Before I do this, I feel like a noob asing but, I need some tips. To be honest, all the boss battles I had Co-Op assistance from random guys. I got to the last mission and never got to build Zeke and unlock the new set of missions.


I wanna restart and to this the right way but, this time on my Vita. Any boss tips? Any tips on weapons and recurting soldiers? Any tips on getting pieces for Zeke?

I'd appreciate

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Only a coward accepts death"
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Re: Noob Help for restarting MGS PW

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Sep 15, 2012

Bosses aren't really hard. If you aren't ready to fight them, don't fight them. Use the recruit option, or just go to some of the higher populated areas and keep recruiting people until you find guys good enough for your combat unit. As for weapons, same as before, just keep getting guys with a high R&D skill. I know you can get a bunch in one of the extra ops, but it's one of the last Complete Stealth ones, and not until pretty late in the game.


As far as Zeke goes, I can't really remember, but I think if you re-beat the bosses you'll get parts, and if you beat the bosses' extra ops missions you'll get slightly better parts. Pretty sure you can get some in Outer Ops too, not entirely sure about that though.

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