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RPG Trivia Quiz

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Welcome to the RPG Trivia Contest.  This will be a regular event that all members of the PlayStation Community Forums are eligible to participate in. However this contest will only be listed in the RPG main forum and sub-forums. Carefully read the instructions below and follow the rules if you wish to participate in this contest.

 This contest's prize is a code for Rainbow Moon. There will be 2 prizes awarded.

  • Contest is open to all Playstation Forum members.
  • All Trivia Quiz answers must be sent in via PM to either: Papawarlock, Sir-Climhazzard or WaveLightning777  Anyone posting answers to the questions in this thread or another will be disqualified. Please feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions.
  • This RPG Trivia Quiz will run for 1 week. You will have until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday September 1st. (should I run it longer than 7 days?) Entries time stamped after this time will not be entered.
  • Winners will be chosen at random from all qualified participants who answered all 20 correctly. If no one gets all 20 correct then we will choose from those who had the highest number of corrrect answers. Winners will be notified by PM and also announced within this thread.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC is not responsible for this promotion."

  1. What RPG sold the most copies on the original Playstation system?
  2. Who developed Rainbow Moon?
  3. What do the abbreviations XP, HP, and MP stand for?
  4. In Rainbow Moon, what item received in battle will allow you to raise your stats when you visit a Savant?
  5. What are the names of Musashi's two swords in Brave Fencer Musashi?
  6. Kate Mulgrew, former Starfleet Captain, lent her voice to what infamous Witch in the Dragon Age Series?
  7. What did the Salarians and Turians develop to control the Krogan population?
  8. What does Shin Megami Tensei translate to?
  9. In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, who stole the Septium Crystal from the mayor's house in Rolent?  
  10. What is the name of the star-shaped fruit that binds two individuals' destinies together when shared in Kingdom Hearts?
  11. What is Dagger's real name in Final Fantasy IX?
  12. In Tales of Graces F, what is Asbel Lhant's occupation?
  13. What is the only Final Fantasy game to be developed in the United States?
  14. What is the only Final Fantasy title that has not appeared on any Playstation console or handheld?
  15. In Dragon Age 2, to earn the King of the Hill Throphy, you have to defeat what character?
  16. There were 2 MMORPGs on the Playstation 2. Name 1.
  17. In Kingdom Hearts, if you choose to fight the Phantom boss at the clock tower in Neverland, your party members will automatically be removed from the battle after a short time unless you do what?
  18. What colors are Keith, Joachim and Hildegard bat forms from the Shadow Hearts series?
  19. When you first meet Aerith in Final Fantasy VII what is she doing?
  20. What is the translation for Dovahkiin?
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