Jan 27 2013
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How will this affect the ME3 storyline -- ?

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So a few days ago I was playing through ME2 again just because I could, and I had a lot of fun even though it was still my 4th playthrough. So nearing the end of the suicide mission, I decide to go ahead and purchase ME3 from the PlayStation Store.


I'm excited, and after a long download and install I begin playing with my imported ME2 character.


4 hours later, the PS3 shuts itself off and the red light begins to blink. I have no idea what is wrong with it, so I call up Sony and do some quick troubleshooting. The automated machine told me that if the red light is blinking that I should move it somewhere more ventalated; this lead me to believe it's overheated and probably the Power Adapter had fried.


With that explained............


I want to know if I will have to play through ME2 again to keep specific actions, characters and events. Such as romancing Garrus, all of my Combat crew surving (Will Legion fight with me? Will he be dead?) Will any of the past Combat Crew remember their loyalty to me? Or is that irrelevant?


Basically I just want to be filled in.... Should I spend about another 20 hours finishing up ME2 again, just so I can keep particulars in ME3? Will it be a big deal?


Please keep spoilers to a minimum.


Thanks for any replys in advance Smiley Happy


P.S. The PS3 is on it's way to be "serviced" and I asked the customer support rep if it was standard procedure to format the hard drive, he said it was a standard.

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Re: How will this affect the ME3 storyline -- ?

Jan 27, 2013

Hopefully thety will copy your game saves off before reformatting....if they don't you will have to start over.


The choices you make in ME 2 do affect what occurs when you begin ME 3....only some of the crew from ME 2 will be crew mates again in ME 3......others make cameos during missions.


I just finished my 1st complete playthrough...ME1>ME2>ME3......ME1 was a bit more challenging as the game play was not as refined as the others.

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Re: How will this affect the ME3 storyline -- ?

Feb 2, 2013
Nope, you're SOL. Without your ME2 save game, you're going to be starting ME3 fresh, no decisions or anything.
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