Oct 22 2011
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Shimoke's direct action guide

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One of the things I notice in MAG is that there are barely any direct action soldiers, and the people that are don't know how to be good ones. I'm writing this article to try to educate people so they will be more effective for their squad.

1. Loadout

The loadout I recommend for a direct action soldier is a MMG with reflex sight and bipod, regular pistol, medkit, and lock-on RPG. When you use the loadout you will have to be wearing light armor. One of things I love about MAG is that you can tweak that loadout as long as you keep a MMG w/bipod or foregrip, some type of RPG, and medkit.

2. Your job

You job as a direct action soldier is to take out the APC's and turrets. On defending your job is to destroy the enemies APC's. You also need to protect you AAA and bunkers from enemies. When attacking a bunker, you need to have two other people with you, and at least one of them needs smoke grenades. What your going to do is have the person with smoke grenades through them at the turret. Them take out the turret with your RPG. Set the charge while the others cover you. Then all of you go a few meters away and go prone and deploy your bipods (if they have them) and kill anyone that tries to defuse the charge. Attack/Defend the AAA and defend the bunker in a similar  way.

3. Squad support

Machine aren't exactly the most accurate weapons in the game, so running and gunning isn't really the best option (unless your playing sabo or suppression when you'd use a foregrip) so you should know to be an effective squad member without really having to kill a lot. You need to heal EVERYONE in your squad. I recommend increased rez because there is a better chance your teammates will stay alive if they have full health. If needed, you can reduce the machine guns recoil by firing in bursts instead of going full auto.

4. How to clear a room

Your playing a game of domination. On your mini-map you see that there's multiple enemy units in a pump station room. You need to take over that objective pronto. Don't just go in there spraying wildly. Assess the situation. See how many enemies are in there. You should probably have 2 other people with you. What you do go prone outside the room facing the door and deploy your bipod. Have one person covering you. Have the remaining person throw a poison gas grenade in the room. When everyone runs out to evacuate, they will run straight towards you. Take them all out. Then proceed to take over the objective. Another strategy to clear a room is to have some through a smoke grenade in there and then go full auto.

That's it folks, hope you enjoyed the guide.

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Re: Shimoke's direct action guide

Dec 13, 2011

I dont know what kind of people your killing but 1/3 of my kills are direct action

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Re: Shimoke's direct action guide

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