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A guide to using Assault Rifles (Valor)

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Valor's assault rifles are not as good as Raven's, in my opinion. However, don't let that stop you from buying them, as they are still very useable. Valor's weapons are the most balanced weapons in the game, in terms of RoF(Raven) and damage(SVER); however, this comes at the cost of the weapons not having anything to make them especially stand out from Raven's guns, which shoot faster, and SVER's guns, which do more damage.


Now on to the guns:


M4A1 (T1)

Loadout Cost: 5c   RoF: medium   damage: medium-low   stability: medium   clip size: 30

The M4A1, while a useable weapon, is not something you want to overly rely on at higher levels. It is more useable than the Hollis, which is the worst weapon in the game. The M4A1 is very reliable, and will give you the same results on every red dot- the downside is that these results are not good enough if your enemies are packing better guns. I would only use this gun on classes where you want more room for gear and armor; it's not good enough to build around it.



Loadout Cost: 7c   RoF: Medium-high   Damage: medium   stability: medium-high   clip size: 30

The SFCR-LW is one of MAG's most beloved guns, which many of Valor's best use as their primary choice for any game mode or situation. The LW's main strength is its flexibility; it is equally effective at long and close range, and it can be very destructive in the hands of those with good aim. Unfortunately, this gun cannot store as much equipment on a loadout as the ATAC can, which causes it to fall just short of the ATAC in terms of usefullness.



Loadout Cost: 8c   RoF: Medium-high   Damage: medium-high  stability: medium-low   clip size: 25

The SFCR-HW is the weight-lifting uncle of the SFCR-LW. The SFCR boasts the same RoF as the SFCR-LW, and higher power to boot. The main drawback of the HW is that its stability is much lower than that of the LW. Still, the HW is a great alternative to the LW that anyone can use.


M31 CIR (T2-purchase with Escalation Pack)

Loadout Cost: 6c   RoF: Medium-high   damage: medium-low   stability: high   clip size: 45

The M31 CIR is the most underrated gun in MAG. Many notable forumers have condemned it as too weak and too slow to reload. The truth is that the M31 CIR simply appeals to a different type of playstyle than the LW. The LW is best for a aggressive attacking role, while the CIR is best for a supporting role. The CIR has a bigger clip than the LW and HW, and is lighter as well, allowing the user to carry more equipment with the same class. The CIR is a great tool for medics and repairmen alike. If you're just a pure killer, keep in mind that the M31 CIR is like a Raven gun in that you need good aim to succeed.


Skill Tree Specs

Pretty much the same as Raven's, though you'll want to change your skill setup based on the weapon you plan to use. If you want to use the M31, it's probably best to buy skills in the medic, engineering, and support skills, as well as your AR skills, so you can make good use of the extra cc. If you're using the SFCRs (either of them) you want to focus on skills to further your killing art.


Sample Classes




SFCR-LW: Reflex, GL


medkit+full rez

frag grenade


light+ armor

This class is designed to blow **bleep** up. Run around with your huge explosives supply clearing chokepoints, destroying vehicles and turrets, and planting on objectives.


Silenced Attacker


M31 CIR: 4x, foregrip, silencer


medkit+full rez



medium armor

This class is a more stealthy alternative to the gung-ho class above. While this is not a commando class in any way, it is more useful when getting noticed is not optimal.


All-Purpose Acquisition


M31-CIR:foregrip, silencer


medkit+full rez

repair kit

smoke grenade

light armor

This class is great for both attacking and defending Acquisition; it is also good for interdiction.


Room Clearer


SFCR-LW: reflex, GL


medkit+full rez

poison gas grenade

medium armor

This class is good for clearing crowded objective rooms. Use the poison gas to smoke people out and blind them, and then fire one or two grenades into the room. Simple, but effective.


The Developer's class


SFCR-HW: GL, 4x sight


medkit+full rez

smoke grenade

medium+ armor

This class, but in a slightly different form, was recommended by one of the developers in charge of weapons. I didn't like it much myself, but perhaps you will...


Thanks for reading, please point out any errors and comment. I'll be back again to finish the series with SVER's ARs.

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Re: A guide to using Assault Rifles (Valor)

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