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Aug 06 2013
By: CHUNKNESS First Son 2 posts

PS3 Madden 25 Franchise League Accepting NEW Applicants

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Quality Simulation Football aka The Q is actively seeking applicants who would be interested in participating in a Madden 25 online franchise league played on the PS3 platform.

The Q is an owners only online franchise which will advance every third day (72 hrs) with the exception of playoffs and holidays. We will be a slightly non-traditional online franchise in which we will play every odd season and simulate every even season. We start play with the 2013 season and simulate every even season thereafter (2014, 2016, etc). The purpose of this is to promote team building and allow us to truly see our teams develop over the life of the franchise. Owners manage the same team for every season throughout the entire franchise.

We will be conducting a team draft lottery shortly after the Madden 25 launch. Depending on where each member is drawn in the lottery, ALL accepted applicants will have a fair shot at ANY team REGARDLESS OF TENURE. The league will be active and it will remain on the PS3 platform throughout the entire duration of the M25 cycle (year round).

Our league forum is hosted on the Tradition Sports Online forums:

The Q is comprised of a solid core of experienced owners and veteran leadership. We are a league that puts a strong emphasis on respect, staying active, and quality sim style gameplay. We do not believe in favoritism based on tenure, nor do we encourage it. We are currently announcing our owners for M25 which includes new member applications for qualified applicants in addition to our returning members. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a PS3 online franchise for Madden 25, then Q is the place to apply.

• Owners only CCM
• Weekly progression
• Pre-existing injuries OFF
• All Madden
• 7 minute quarters
• Accelerated Clock OFF
• Injuries and Fatigue ON
• Game speed SLOW
• Team or formation specific playbooks only; legends and customized playbooks are not allowed.
• Sliders to be determined upon M25 release.

If you are interested, please visit our league forum. Feel free to complete an application for our accordingly.

If you are not an approved member of the Tradition Sports Online community, you will need to complete their application FIRST. The Tradition Sports Online application takes roughly 24-48 hours for approval depending on when a moderator has an opportunity to review.

Once your Tradition Sports Online community application is approved, you will have permissions to post in the forums. Please post your application for The Q in our forum.

With that said, please don't hesitate to reply to this post or contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding our league.  We've already announced 20 owners and have 6 applicants who are currently going through the application process.  Don't let the opportunity to play in a well organized franchise league pass you by!  


Thank you for your interest.

Quality Simulation Football aka The Q
Tradition Sports Online

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First Son
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Re: PS3 Madden 25 Franchise League Accepting NEW Applicants

Aug 12, 2013

The "Q" announced 8 more owners today which leaves only 4 more vacancies remaining.  Some of the latest appointees were from these very forums.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to join a first-rate PS3 Madden 25 Franchise league!

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