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Aug 14 2013
By: DivenioAvalien First Son 4 posts

Madden Tournament in Philadelphia

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Greetings Gamers.

My name is Anton Johnson a.k.a Cassidy Cage. I am the CEO of The Philly Gaming Network (PGN. I am announcing that in the month of September we will be hosting a Madden 25 tournament at the gaming store Game Junkie located in the Glenside area of the Philly Suburbs. More details will be announced soon. I am looking for people interested in playing. We are hoping to have at least 16-32 participants. If you are interested feel free to comment back or send me a personal message with your questions. Also if your in the Philadelphia area or close and are interested in playing in tournaments please message me. We host all types of tournaments from sports to shooters and fighters. We do have a website where we update with company events and news. Thank You.

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First Son
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Re: Madden Tournament in Philadelphia

Aug 17, 2013

Tournament update:
This year our Madden tournament will be on Xbox 360 for the NEW Madden 25 game.  The tournament will take place 24 days after the release of the game.  So there is plenty of time to get used to the mechanics of the game.  We’re looking to get at least 16 participants, but of course we would like more players to make the tournament more for competition.  If you really think you’re the best why not come show it? The prize money will be split between top 3 winners.  Feel free to spread the word and let your friends know.  Here are the details about the event:
•    Time: 1:00pm
•    Place: Game Junkie located on 111 S. Easton Road Glenside, PA
•    Price: $10 Entry Fee. $5 Venue Fee
•    Prize Money: Top 3 winners will receive a split.
•    System: Game will be played on 2 Xbox 360s
•    Controllers: We recommend you bring one.
If you would like to reserve your spot please contact us at or call 267.928.0603 ask for Anton. If you contact by email please provide your name, phone number, email address, and team you will be using.  If you will not be able to make come time of the event please use the same contact info to let us know. Also any question you may have please use the same contacts.  Any and all information regarding the Madden tournament and other events hosting by the PGN can be found on our website 

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