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Re: What Impact Would Locking Out Used Games Have On Next Gen Systems?

Aug 9, 2012

bungiefan wrote:

Consoles also have new competition, games for tablets, that sell in their app stores for $1-5 a game.Android and iOS have been getting really popular lately. Consoles need to redo their pricing structure if games are going to be prevented from being resold as used games, and locked to accounts instead. Steam does a good job of this on PC, with all the sales they have, and with games eventually dropping in price (Portal 2 went from $60 on launch to $20 now, and $5 on the summer sale).


Also, in some countries you now have this:


The EU equivalent of the Supreme Court rules that software must be transferrable to another owner, and digitally downloaded software entails the same rights as a physical disc, the owner of the disc must be able to transfer the software to a new owner by reselling it. I'm waiting to see how this will affect Steam users with European accounts. It should also affect Android and iOS app store users.


GameStop is essentially a pawn shop though, and people need to realize that is their business model. You're better off selling the used games yourself, directly to another user. They can get a better price from you than GameStop, and you can get more money for the item. Cut out the middleman taking their profit. Getting $6 for a game they are going to resell for $50-55? Sell it for $30 yourself. Heck, even some real pawn shops, that don't try to hide what they are, will give you a better price on some games.

HELL YES!  This should be in EVERY COUNTRY

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Re: What Impact Would Locking Out Used Games Have On Next Gen Systems?

Aug 9, 2012
Simple fact is the whole "lower cost" is bs. The games will not be cheaper to purchase, just look at the psn store charging full retail for a digital copy. If this were to happen then I will do very little gaming if not stop all together. I can't see paying $60 for a game I know has no replay value after the first run through. Then add the sadly short play time for so many games now, there are the few that still push well above the avg 5-8 hours. I use Gamefly and I love the fact I can try any game I want. Gamefly buys so many copies of games even the games that wouldn't sell or have a small market. If you stop that then they will lose a huge amount of sales from that market. This could damage the console market beyond repair and push people to other options like ouya and others.
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