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General Information

Who is the MVP Program for?

This program has been setup to provide our hardcore gamers with an audience and environment where they can discuss PlayStation gaming, the gaming industry as a whole, and the Community. Membership in this program is strictly invite only. Forum members invited to this program are gamers first and foremost. We want members of the community who are regulars within the gaming forums, know their stuff, make frequent valuable contributions, and engage themselves in discussions and activities relating to the PlayStation brand, it's games, services, and communities.

What are the benefits?
These are some of the benefits offered to MVP's:

  • Private Community Boards - Boards that are publicly viewable by all and some that are hidden from public view. Both of which can only be posted on by MVP members.

  • Game Reviews - MVP members can submit their own review of a game. This will be posted to a reviews board and used as a resource for all community members searching for information about games. Can you say, "bragging rights"?!

  • Custom name Icons - MVPs will be granted the 'PSmvp' icon next to their name.

  • Custom Ranks - MVP members will be able to choose a rank of their choice.

  • Special Permissions - MVP members will have the ability to view edit history on messages which have been edited.

  • Sneak previews of upcoming forum changes - MVP members will be solicited for feedback regarding future Forum & Community changes. We want to hear from YOU!

How do I get in?

This program is strictly invite only. Forum members invited to this program are gamers first and foremost. We want people involved who are regulars within the gaming forums, know their stuff, and would like to engage themselves in discussions and activities.

Who is excluded from the program?

From the get go, we wanted to make it quite clear that this program was going to be for gamers. Gamers who have substantial, well-informed input into the gaming community. This program is not open to people who have not been members for at lease 6 months. Other excluding factors include those who are notorious "one word answer" people, people who chat about their favorite color on off-topic and do not participate in the rest of the community, or people that have been recently banned or in trouble with the Moderation Team.

What are the rules of the MVP program?

Basically, the MVP members will be held to the same standards as anyone else in the community. They are not given preferential treatment. In fact, MVPs will be held to a higher standard. People who act up or find themselves breaking the rules of conduct will be removed from the MVP program. In addition to being required to follow the normal rules of conduct, MVP members will be required to stay active in the community. People absent for extended periods of time, or infrequent participation will have their status removed to make room for those who are more active.

Member Information

Who are the members of the MVP program?


Can I nominate a user for MVP status?
We're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in our community. If you notice a user that fulfills the requirements stated above, feel free to send a PM to a Moderator with the user's Forum Handle and reasons for nomination. Please do not nominate a user because they are your friend or simply because they asked you to. If it is found there is reasonable suspicion that a user is soliciting for MVP nominations, that user will not be considered for the MVP program. Nominations are not votes.

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