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Hawk's PS Vita info & impression thread: MVP edition.

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Intro) OK, I'm sure there are more than a few people here wondering about the Vita. Maybe some of you have bought it. Maybe some of you want to buy it, but are unsure. Well, I decided to provide my take on the system, after just a few days with it. Hopefully, this will help.

My experiance: I bought the 3G/WIFI bundle and 9 games. I also bought the starter kit from Sony, the 32GB memory card, a charge cradle, and an extra game case. The first thing I did was take the system out of the box. I put in the bigger memory card and then started up the system. There were the usual start up screens, which are accessible with the touchscreen. I added the date and time, then I had to pick whether or not to use WIFI or the 3G service (the 3G model gives you info on how to sign up), and then you sign onto the PS network. Of course, it fails, because the system requires an update from day one. So, I started up the system and then go to the system settings to update the system. Once that's done, I signed onto PSN using my PS3 account. What this does is allow you to use the Vita's PS store and add funds if needed. I also you synced my trophies and viewed both my Vita trophies and PS3 trophies from the trophy app. After that there were some free AR games I downloaded and Hustle kings was also free. So I got it and I also bought Super stardust delta. Then, I downloaded vids and last night, I re-downloaded PSP games and mini's. I also played a few games.

Next is basic info about the system (I'll try to be as detailed as possible).

  • The Vita is slightly longer and slightly wider than the PSP slim.
  • The screen is bigger, but displays images in HD.
  • With the 3G model, which is priced at $299, there's the option of signing up for the 3G plan. Unfortunatly, you have to pay for the 1st month (2nd month's still free) and won't get Super stardust Delta (A really good Vita arcade game) for free until the 2nd month. That month is free, but you have to wait.There's some controversy about this, because Sony never clarified this to consumers.
  • However, you can still get the WIFI only model for $249. Or if you bought the 3G model, you have the option to use only WIFI. Also, Super Star dust is good enough to buy. So really you can get it now, if your willing to pay for it.
  • There's also a Vita game bundle that includes Little Deviant's for $349. Early adoptors got that bundle a week early. But, IMO the game that's included isn't worth the extra price. Still, the option's available for you, should you want a game bundled with your system. Of course, Little deviants is available seperately for $29.99
  • I also highly reccomend the PS vita starter kit(as seen here, You get an extra 4 GB memory card, headphones, a case for protection, a game and memory card case, a cleaning cloth (to clean the fingerprints off the touch screen), and a screen protector. It's extra money, I know, but some of what's in it is essential.  
  • Yes, you do need a memory card. There's no internal memory, so you must puchase a memory card. The size of which ranges from 4GB-32GB's. The 32GB memory card is the most expensive at $99. I would say that if you buy a Vita, the minimum size that you'll need is 8gb's.The good news is that the 3G model comes with a free 8GB card. I suppose the fact that Sony went with memory cards and their price is somewhat controversial. But whatever your opinion about it, they are required if you buy the Vita.
  • If you have multiple PSP's (which I do). You will have to deactivate one. Because Sony's 2 handhled limit sill applies.So if you have one PSP and One Vita, that's fine. But in order to put usable content onto your new Vita, you will have to deacitivate one of your PSP's.
  • The dual analog controls work, but you'll navigate the system using the touch screen. The touch screen works well and IMO makes it easier to navigate the system. Touch screen controls also work in most current Vita games. Although the dual analog sticks is what most of us will likely use. They are confortable and this will help should you want to spend more than a few hours playing the Vita.
  • There's also a rear touch pad. It's optional for most Vita games.
  • There's also a front and rear camera. There are 3 or 4 free AR games available at launch so that you can use this feature. I personally haven't tried it yet, but the feature is there. Oh and Sony provided a few free AR cards for you to try out this feature.
  • The screen does attract fingerprints. But, they can be easily cleaned.
  • The battery life is about 3-5 hours. It's shorter if your using 3G, but overall it's standard when compared to the 1st PSP. If your a PSP owner, chances are that you know how to handle this. Just keep the charger handy and during long play periods, keep the system plugged in.
  • The Vita can be be used with your PS3 from cross game play and as seen in the recent Vita ads, you can bring you can bring certian PS3 games with you on the go. I'm not completly sure how this works, but I know the feature is there.
  • There are certian system apps that might interest you. You can tweet while using the Vita. There's a web browser and you can also stream Netflix. I think more apps will likely be coming to the Vita.
  • There's limited backwards compatibility on the Vita. Of course, there's no UMD support, so the games that you own on UMD are useless on the Vita. But, you can re-download PSP games and Mini's that you previously purchased on the PS store. It won't cost you anything, because it's all linked to your one PSN account. But as I said, there's limited amount of older games available to re-download right now. I'm not sure if Sony will improve this over time or not. We'll see.
  • There are plenty of launch games available that range in price from $29.99-$39.99. Most of the games look as good as PS3 games. Uncharted:golden abyss is as good as the 1st Uncharted game. It's the Vita's Killer app, IMO. And Wipeout 2048 looks as good as it's PS3 version. In fact, Wipeout 2048 can be played with the PS3 version. Most control well and all have trophy support. There are also good arcade games. I already mentioned Super Star Dust Delta, but there's also a demo for Unit 13 available on the store. And I know that Motorstom: RC is coming soon. So, the arcade selection looks to be as good as the games that are available at retail.
  • Finally, as I mentioned you can earn Vita trophies. The trophy that you earn on the Vita show's up in the trophy app. It shows both your PS3 and Vita trophies. And Vita trophies count to your overall trophy total for both system. Although, Vita trophies are only visible on the Vita. So, if you log onto your PS3 in order to view Vita trophies, you won't see any. But, as I said, your overall trophy count will still increase with the addition of Vita trophies.

My opinion:

Well, IMO, this system is worth getting at launch. The launch line-up of both retail and arcade games is really really good. It's much better than the other system had at their launch last year (I have that too, but I won't go into further detail about it since it's not important). I think the quality of the launch games is the main reason why I got the Vita at launch. It's why I reccommend the Vita now. The games also look really good. I mean the games are console in quality. All control schemes work well and all games are trophy enabled. I know there are some minor issues that some of you might have. The price is high, but worth it IMO. The battery life is short, but it's the same as it was with the PSP. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with the system. So, if you have the money and/or are a current PSP owner, IMO the Vita is definalty worth getting.

Discussion) Did you buy the Vita yet? If so, which model and which games? What's been your experiance with the system so far? What's your opinion of the Vita so far?Also, was the information that I provided helpful? Will you buy the Vita based on what you just read? Or will you wait? If your waiting, why are you waiting?

...So please, discuss.


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Re: Hawk's PS Vita info & impression thread: MVP edition.

Feb 24, 2012

Specifically, I buy my platforms based on the software most of all, but features help. 3G, is it something we need? I've never used 3G or 4G speeds to connect to anything, as I'm without a high-tech phone that reaches into that world. Never had an iPhone. Never used an iPhone. Never wanted an iPhone. Droids, apps, and all that... don't need 'em. The superficial technology of the PlayStation Vita, with its "high-speed" Internet and camera, is all fancy on paper... but not really all that attractive for me as a gamer.

When thinking about the touch-screen controls of both the front and back of the handheld device, I fear it's going to be too complicated when playing such games as Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Play however you want with multiple patterns in which to utilize either touch controls, waggling the hardware, using the buttons and analog nubs, or have them all combined. When you can choose four or five doors to walk through, all leading to the same thing, it might not matter which direction you choose, but having this excessive amount of.pathways piled on seems like a bit much at the front of it all.

Though, it also might be a good thing if developers will eventually figure out unique ways to design a game to play in this way or that way (like with the SIXAXIS that at one time gave PlayStation 3 gamers a more interesting approach to the way we've beaten the likes of Uncharted, Heavy Rain, and Heavenly Sword). As for the games though, the Vita thus far has not sold me on anything just yet. And that is one of the main reasons why I'm not immediately attracted.

Uncharted obviously looks the "killer app," as you say... though, to me it doesn't quite look on the same level as even the first Uncharted. In fact, it looks more like an 8-ish game than say a 9-ish. To be desperate for an "8" as your most desirable piece of entertainment from the start is not what I'm looking for. With other games like Super Stardust Delta, the do-it-yourself stuff, Hot Shots, Little Deviants, Escape Plan, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, and so on... the Vita doesn't have a killer lineup right now that generally makes my "gotta have" senses tingling.

With the added high cost, just like the PSP before it, it wouldn't be until Chewbacca came on stage that finally sold me on the device's $199 expense. Anything over the $200 limit is much too much for a pocketed device. The PSP being the most I'd ever spent on one so far, it's not an act I'm looking to duplicate just to say I got something the very moment it was delivered. Rather, I'd like the Vita when it has a a decent supply of games I'd be interested in playing. Where Uncharted could be fun, what I'm looking for rather are games that drive me up the wall. You know... the games that get you stoked to want to play. Not just good, but excellent. Not just fine, but incredible. When the Vita starts coming across as a must that's when I'll start to consider cleaning out the wallet for one.

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Re: Hawk's PS Vita info & impression thread: MVP edition.

Feb 24, 2012

I am loving my vita...the system is intuitive as far as the OS and the touch screen works with big fingers as mine. But, since I only own handhelds, I do need friends for vita games...anyone interested? I have Modnation Racers: Roadtrip, and I am getting games like Unit 13 and Street Fighter X Tekken, and would like to have people to team up with and compete with. Any takers?

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Re: Hawk's PS Vita info & impression thread: MVP edition.

Jul 18, 2012

Yeah im up Names pizboyz my step father smashed my psp in my ace cause i got it or 20 b-days october 24 so i might get one for my birthday.

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