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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Game Title: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Genre: Action/Adventure

Platform: PlayStation®3

ESRB Rating: Teen

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: October 13th, 2009

Overall Score:   

Review Author:  LightJak007


Coming all the way from the Himalayas, we have a guest tonight who is a well renowned explorer that goes by the name of Nathan Drake! So tell us, how does it feel to be the "main man" in the critically-acclaimed Game of the Year? Possibly Game of the Decade...?


Gameplay & Plot


When you first start up Uncharted 2, you are immediately thrown into the action from the get-go. Waking up on a train, Drake finds himself in the usual predicament that could cost him his life, his train has gone over the edge of a snowy cliff in the Himalayas. Bleeding from the torso, he realizes it's time to get out when the train starts to make its way further off the edge. That's when you come in, and you'll find this a hell of a ride especially being just the first level. Every single chapter has an ascending level of action just like the first chapter, which does away with the dull moments. Most games don't have this type of cinematic action movie feel; it's just like being in the movie theatre and hanging off the edge of your seat. The first Uncharted touched on this very lightly compared to the sequel but it's worthless to describe it. You have to experience this type of gameplay for yourself to get the gist of what I'm babbling on about.


You'd think that with great gameplay comes a mediocre plot or something that was neglected during development to sacrifice for this immense gameplay experience. Wrong. Uncharted 2 has a very heartfelt story with the common theme of good versus evil, but also taking into account of who you can actually trust when it comes down to it. Drake will save people and he will destroy people either way, as long as he can "save the world" from the evil that corrupts it. Along with this twisted plot full of insanity, we have characters that you can definitely relate to, whoever you are. The way they convey the characters emotions during the game is just outstanding. If you really want to know how long the game will take to beat, estimate around 12 - 15 hours on Normal mode (finding less than half of the treasures). Face it, it's a LONG game.


Back to gameplay now, the controls have a fluidity that makes playing Among Thieves nearly flawless. Scaling buildings and climbing on walls has never been easier for Drake. The challenge is usually finding where to climb up if you are stuck in a rut. However, if you are really stuck, there is a hint system that will help dig you out of that hole and then you'll be fighting Russian mercenaries in no time. With the combat in this game, there is always something new to shoot with if you are in a certain level to keep the variety going. Next, hand-to-hand combat is thoroughly enjoyable as Drake finds different ways to get himself out of a headlock.. Believe me, you'll be in many of those.


Finally, we have multiplayer which is equally as good as the single player mode. There are two modes: Competitive and Co-op with many different versions to boot for each of them. Instead of describing how you play them, it's better to just describe the experience. With a game like this, you know multiplayer is going to be fun. There isn't offline multiplayer just yet due to the graphical capacity on the game but with everyone online nowadays, I hardly see that as a problem. Overall, there is a solid multiplayer here and if you aren't much of a single player kind of person, this game will still hold a tremendous value to you.


Basically, what I'm saying in this entire section is that, I have never experienced something this well-developed in my entire life of playing games. There have been games that have been this close, but Uncharted 2 just launches this standard sky high. I don't exaggerate when I say this, this is my opinion.


Graphics & Music


Remember the good ol' days when we had 8-bit graphics and it was just a simple time when it came to video games? Never thought we'd be thrown into the digital age like this so early. It's almost as if Uncharted 2 pushes the graphical limit on the PS3 leaving you wondering, how far can Naughty Dog go for the next game of theirs? The sequel to the already near-realistic Drake's Fortune takes the graphics of the entire game to unimaginable limits. Watching the technology video based on the Uncharted 2 development, Naughty Dog tells us that they utilize nearly 100% of the Cell's function in the PS3. That's got to be some sort of record.


Added polygons in the faces of the characters (considerably more than last time, I've heard) give even more life to the characters, which just adds to the realism the game already portrays with the beautiful environments and intense level design that we really don't see in that many games on the PS3 right now. The basis of the game is to play like a movie, where your eyes are glued from start to finish. It's easy to say that they've succeeded in creating that experience for gamers and that really deserves some recognition. 


Running off of the main style of Drake's Fortune, the score for Among Thieves is familiar yet still defining as its own. Creating an environment musically is challenging but it feels as though each piece composed matches each emotion you'll feel in combat or during the cutscenes. Just like in the movies. I will give props to the composer for keeping the basis of the original score and adding on it to give Among Thieves its own individual feel.




Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is without a doubt the best game released on PS3 so far. There might be games that are this close in terms of graphical achievements but Among Thieves cripples the competition in terms of graphics. There really isn't much more to be said other than, I really love this game. This proves Naughty Dog is very valuable to Sony being an exclusive developer and I think the next game they produce will be much better than this. I have complete faith in their next project. That's all for now, I recommend this game to everyone. I know you'll love it. 



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