Apr 14 2012
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there is no communication with your developers and your customers

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Russell is a joke this game is a joke. its cool for casual gamers, but not for a guy like me.I love this game and have been playing it for ever but it fails me time and time again. why does Sony push crap out the door? I can t hear the commentators. what is up with that? I'm sure Sony cut fat checks to those guys for saying the same 10 sentences over and over and now we cant even hear them. I like many others bought the game for league play experience and have been  once again. there where over 5,500 league who screwed over 20,000 players last year, so i developed a money league where players paid 5 bucks to get in. it took a 3 months of hard work and  i activated it and it gave me a 2 hour period to get 27 players together. that's not happening especially when the players expect the draft to be on the next day. who ever developed the draft system should be fired. why have a option to set the draft for sun if its gonna give you 2 hours instead? that's bull hit! I don   if you don't like how my post looks or what i have to say. no one in Sony cares about what I have to say. I being a customer. funny when they lost all my personal info they didn't  care either. why are they not being sued for that any ways?????? I ask someone from Sony to call me my phone number is 5044024927 I doubt they will though.

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