May 16 2010
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Online Games Are A Mess

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I am a huge baseball fan and I own the wii and 360.  I picked up a Playstation 3 in hopes of finally being able to play an enjoyable baseball simulator.  I was hyped up for MLB 10 and purchased it on day one.  I am extremely dissapointed with the online aspect of the game.  I love the game offline, In my opinion it is the best game to come out in terms of sports games.  But I cant enjoy an online game without it freezing for no reason when playing online.


Example:  I was playing last night, Marlins VS Mets (I was the Mets) and I was pitching a shutout into the 8th inning winning 4-0.  All of a sudden the game locks up after I went to warm up Takahashi in the bullpen.  I had to shut off my console after weaiting 20 minutes in hopes of the game coming back, but no luck.  I then was given a loss, and for people saying your connection sucks! Well I will inform you my connection is strong, runnng Approx 17MBPS.  There is no excuse, I am annoyed and may sell the system just for that.

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