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May 31 2008
By: db7117~ First Son 2 posts

HELP is my MLB 08 game BUGGED?

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I am not sure if my game is bugged.
Here's the problem.

When I go to play a game, and I look at my players abilities under the "pinch hit" menu, all of their abilities are about 2/3 of what they are set at in the regular rosters menu?? And they are playing accordingly. For Example: If I have a guy who is supposed to be maxed out in contact and power (and I save the roster and then play with that saved roster) his abilites are all lower (by about one third) once I am playing with him in the game - and he performs at an equally lower level.


THis happens in all game modes from exhibition to quick game to season to franchise, it happens to all my players during actual game play, even any created players.  Any suggestions???

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