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Apr 04 2012
By: Dublinjonny Sackboy 507 posts

MAG 24 Hour Live Stream **Wednesday 11th of April **

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Ok Guys Im Getting ready for this live stream so i decided to announce a date which is next wednesday.

It will start at midnight GMT wednesday and run until midnight Thursday GMT ( Ill Post other timezone starts soon)

So come along and follow me on      //   (the same thing basically)

Ive a week to organise this so i will post updates here and on my youtube channel

This will basically be my idea of a  farewell to MAG.

what i would like to happen ,

1 you guys download teamspeak and come onto the the server live during the stream and be apart of it

2 Join in game with me or against me , all is good for some fun and t bagging

3. if you want to stream yourself then join then download the teamspeak (its free) and join in and ill post links to your stuff

4.      I want to promote anyone doing mag videos on youtube so again if your going to come along to the stream please give me a short channel description     and a link to your channel

5. If you want to ask any questions in advance for the stream as here or message me on youtube and anything in particular you want to see also let me know

6. Its all for some fun guys dont expect much my broadband cant handle streaming and gameplay very well so gameplay is suffering but im working on that as best i can

It would be fantastiv guys if you could keep this bumped as i would love to see some of you guys come and join in (anyone can) if i know you or not and have some laughs and chat about the game .

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