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Oct 21 2010
By: the_atm Sackboy 570 posts

Valor Company Coperation

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hello, i am part of the clan VCC or Valor Company Coperation. as you can tell from our name, we are a valor clan. but what you cant tell from our name is that we are a heavy team based, strategy and tactic clan. we will win not only through team work, but strategy. already we have won just about every match when we worked together.  we do not care about your kdr, or level, just as long as you work as a team


The rules

you do not need to have a mike, just as long as you give comand (if given) to some one with a mike.

follow orders.

be on at least every week if possible.

have fun.

work together


we are also in Bad company 2. here is our website. if you have any questions pm me or add me on psn, and we can play a game and talk.


if you want more answer or you are joining please post them bellow, so i can get a number. thank you :smileytongue:

Valor for life.
Medical Positive - healed more other then self
6 days on mag
Vet 1 level 42
Medic for life.
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