Jul 29 2012
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looking for a clan

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Well its been at least a year since i have played mag so i lost my old clan and cant find them. I have a level 54 oic raven player but dont want to use him until i get the hang of the game again. Will play with a fresh character for awhile. Looking for a cool laid back clan that is about having fun. I have a mic but im in the army so i dont get on regularly. Hit me up at JDP88 psn. willing to start new in any pmc

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Re: looking for a clan

Aug 9, 2012

check us out..see what you said you don't get on regularly lets talk..i'll send you a pm..




Tactical Gaming  - TG

You've seen it before many times over. Clans recruiting and looking for new blood. Well here's another..sorta. While we would like new members to enlist, its not just about getting our numbers up. TG has grown into a vast community and offers a place for gamers to find like minded people and enjoy their favorite games together as a clan. Here are some links that can explain ALOT better than I can.

Head Quarters:

About us:

Why join us:

We span various warfare and sports games across 360, PS3, and PC. I myself am apart of the MAG Division (Raven) and love it. If you are looking for a new home or even just want to see all the hubbub I'm making, visit the site and see for yourself.

If you register, please  list me pakratpatti in the referal section, or if you have any questions you can send me a pm.
It's ok if TG isn't for you but come see if it is anyway.
Oh a heads up: Must be 16+ and have a mic. Not too much.


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Re: looking for a clan

Jan 29, 2013
[KBK] We FIGHT or DIE! Is a pretty good clan.
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Re: looking for a clan

Feb 1, 2013

This is The Syndicate. We don't start drama, but we'll sure as *** finish it.

SYN is one of 4 Divisions composing Xiled Gaming, a community that has thrived since 2006, reaching upwards of 50,000+ active members at the moment (70,000+ registered). Almost entirely based on the 360, alot of us felt it was long over-due for our PS3 Division to dominate.


With that, came the creation of SYN DEVASTATION. Our first clan in the PS3 Division, and one thats already off to an amazing start. Using a proven Honor Code, Rank structure, and with the help of useful services like our tournament ladder site;, Our PS3 Division will easily explode in the coming weeks.


We've been at this for years, and the more you look, the more you'll notice how other clans/communities have based their rank structure, code of conduct, and operations, etc, off of ours. Building clans, building leaders, dominating the competition and having a blast in the process. Its all about having a good time.


If you'd like to be part of something bigger than yourself, or just a group of friends, take a look at what we have to offer. XG isnt just a gaming community, its a family.  The thing to remember is, we have something for everyone, and you only get back as much as you want to put in. (I.e), if you want to put in more effort, help out with clan affairs in a more active role, etc, you can expect to move up the chain of command quickly. If you only want to play w/ friends, and thats all... your welcome here too, of course.


The era of p*ssy clans is over. Welcome to SYN




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