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Oct 20 2011
By: budger_14 Lombax Warrior 132 posts

Who wants to join a clan? [B*S] Black * Skulls/SVER

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The clans quite new but we have some good recruits and some promise.  I (the clan leader) play very often and putting together all my character slots and accounts have many hours of experience.  I first bought the game about 2 years ago and have been in many good clans, but iv decided to settle down with sver and try to bring up my own clan.  Theres not reallly a skill level limit as long as you dont just absolutely suck.  (good players welcome tho) lmao     but getting better will come in time, so everyones welcome.  i prefer you have a mic and be a fun person to play with, but id also like to take it serious as well.  IF YOU JOIN AND DONT HAVE A MEDKIT, MAKE THAT YOUR NEXT THING ON THE LIST TO GET. 

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