Jan 12 2017
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Popit Powerup and Popit Sensor not working?

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For the love of God, I can't figure out how to create a popit puzzle! I've inserted the Popit Powerup tool in my level, I've attached the Popit Powerup Tweaker and Popit sensors to my objects, and yet... When I play, I can pull out my Popit, the moveable items glow, but I can't select a **bleep** thing. What am I missing here? I have scoured the internet, but keep pulling up tutorials about other things (how to use a popit, how to create a powerup, how to tweak, how to use sensors), but nothing on how to use the Popit Powerup itself! It seems intuitive, but obviously I'm missing something... and the tutorials on these items are repetitive and don't even talk about the items themselves. Just a vague video on how to use the popit. I'm pulling my hair out. Anyone??

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