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LittleBigPlanet FAQs

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I will try to put all the Major Info that Sam_Protagonist (DEV) has given us:


All Important Info is in Green


All New Updated Info will be after a line



Someone kudos MaximusR3 for me, he helped out





Sam's Best Post Link


Well, the choice is yours, but I should point out that the beta is very limited, is only being used to test the online parts of the game, won't make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and isn't a new improved way to healthy living.


That said, more codes are due to be released today, so the choice is yours.


Regarding the Story: Link


A couple of things to answer in this thread...


Yes there is a story behind the developer made levels, and it really helps to tie them together. The story may not be the most important thing, but it's still good to have.


Yes, you can play through the whole story in multiplayer using a combination of local and internet players.


Finally, yes - if someone grabs an item you don't already have in a level while playing multiplayer you all receive it.



Regarding Lag: Link


No, there won't be. One of the last things to deal with is optimisation of the game which is pretty much what Mm are working on right now. The freezes (calling it lag would be kind) that are showing in the video playing are as a result of the code and graphics not being optimised fully. 


Regarding Release Date: Link  Link


This is going to be a popular topic, with speculation coming from all over the place until the official date is announced, so please see this thread as your reliable source for when the game will be released.


Right now the only official release date is October. More specifically than that has not yet been announced, so unless you've read it on, or or it's not the official date.


I'll update this post as soon as a date is announced.




The full global release schedule: 


October 21st North America & Latin America October 22nd Europe, Australia & New Zealand October 24th UK & Ireland




Do Objects have Weight/Mass?: Link


The answer in short, is yes.


Some materials are moveable, others aren't. Weight/mass is dictated by the type of material you use and its size. I'm not going to reveal any more, as half the fun will be working out the logistics of this for yourselves.



Sackboy Attacking? Link


So, some answers....


Sackboy attacks is quite a large question, as it depends what you're referring to. If it's Sackboy vs badguys then it will be upto the designer of the badguys as to how you defeat them. However if it's Sackboy vs Sackboy it's no so much an attack more of a playfight idea with slapping (or perhaps a mischievous application of stickers/decorations).


You refer a couple of times to Sackboy picking things up, and that's not really his bag. Pushing and pulling are what Sackboy does best, he's not one for picking things up. So your cattle prod idea might need developing to put it on wheels so he can push it around.


As for putting all questions in one thread... please don't! It makes it easier to find the questions if they're the thread title, so a seperate thread for individual topics or questions is ideal.




No Demo: Link


First off, to describe LBP as a "mostly online" game isn't quite right. It's a split between online and offline pretty much. If you don't have your PS3 connected online you're only really missing out on the incredible library of creations that Share will become - there's still plenty of game and the whole of Create to play with.


Meanwhile on the subject of the demo, it simply isn't practical for a game like this to create a demo, as it is precisely the scale of what you can achieve that makes the game what it is. Playing the pre-created levels whether on your own or multiplayer is enormous amounts of fun but it doesn't represent the game enough to be used as a demo, similarly Create can keep you entertained for months on end if your ideas keep coming on strong, but without including all the tools it comes up short in showing you what there is in the game.


Effectively the only way to demo the game is to show the whole game, which is exactly what we're trying to do with videos. Still, if you're not convinced, why not wait for reviews before deciding if the game is for you or not.




Its "Bubbles" not Fluff: Link


These collectables were referred to as sponge initially (as that's what they were made of), however this has changed a fair bit over time.


Right now, and from now on, they are bubbles and pop in a pleasing way when you run over them, so the word in use is "Bubbles".


All together now, "BUBBLES".




What is the Thermometer in Create mode? Link Link 2


So, the thermometer. Its purpose is really very straightforward, it exists while you're in Create mode to show you how much space you've used up in the level so far, and by extension, how much you have left. This is the only time it shows up, it doesn't appear in levels being played, or when you're browsing levels in Share. Having spent a fair amount of time in Create I have to say that you barely even notice it after a few minutes. It's useful and doesn't get in the way.




All it does is tell you how much space left in your level.


From pretty much every design I've seen being created so far the method of working is that first you'll put together the outline or bones of your level, then add the motorised aspects, then after plenty of testing, start using stickers and decorations (which will end up being the most costly in terms of space) to make it fit the theme.


A great level will be a great level regardless of how it looks, I'd seriously consider holding back on any conclusions regarding level size and whether the thermometer is a force for good or not until you've tried it out.





 How long is the story mode? Link


The story mode of the game really is great fun, and so far I don't think we've really made a big enough deal out of it. While it's  very possible to play through it in 12 hours one of the most entertaining things about it is that you can revisit old levels and find areas you didn't know were there before. If you're dead set on getting through the single player game quickly it can be done be I really recommend taking your time and playing with as much as possible as you go. 



LBP is NOT Region Locked: Link


Hi all, as many of you may have heard already in an interview at Leipzig the senior producer for LittleBigPlanet announced that the game is region locked. This is in fact not the case, and all shared levels in the game will be available worldwide. The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region - however this has been worked around and there will only be one region for the game.... a LittleBigRegion.


Apologies for any confusion over this issue, however I'm pretty sure you're happy with the result.




LBP Beta? Link


Hi all, here's your guide to what a beta test is, why it happens in the first place and what the different is between internal, external, public, private, open and closed.


A beta test takes place in order to test aspects of a game that cannot be checked using internal testing and QA staff. This is usually because of the number of people required to adequately test the game is far beyond the size of internal test departments. Often these tests are looking to ensure that balance, stability and various online functionality is working as planned, being conducted with enough time to make changes should the test indicate that work needs to be done.


Beta tests are described in a variety of ways, so here's a quick breakdown of what these various descriptions mean :

Internal - a test conducted only with people who work for the company (beyond normal testing staff)

External - conducted with people who don't work for SCE.

Closed - a beta test involving a finite number of people. Testers will be placed under Non Disclosure Agreement, meaning that they cannot discuss what they've seen in the game.

Open - a beta test that may be joined by a large number of people with no special requirements, usually with a straightforward form to sign up from . Testers may freely discuss the game on the internet. 

Public - means the same thing as external.

Private - means the same thing as closed.

Limited - only a finite number of people will be able to join.

Invitation only - just as it says, only those invited will be able to join.


Most important to note is that a beta should never be considered a demo of the game. Expect it to break, expect to be asked to give feedback and expect it not to work all the time. A beta test is part of the development process for games, it's not a means of selling the game, advertising it or otherwise offering some kind of extended trial.


In terms of LittleBigPlanet, the game itself is all but complete however we're looking to run a test of the sharing, uploading, downloading and multiplayer server side of the game before it launches to ensure that under a large number of users it does everything it is supposed to. This kind of testing is often referred to as a Stress Test, however we're looking a little more deeply into the game experience than simply throwing thousands of players at the online side of the game at the same time.


So, here's all the information you need regarding LBP's test.


There will be a limited public beta test for LittleBigPlanet in September. If it will be possible to "sign up" for this test, full information on how to do so will be made public in advance of the test. Similarly if the test is going to be conducted in an invitation-only we will let you know ahead of time.








Beta FAQ Link


Hi all, I'll be updating this thread regularly today with information about the beta and where keys can be applied for in this thread only. I won't be responding to any others, simply because there are so many of them. Please note that the current information is unlikely to be updated further today.


How do I join the beta?

Several thousand invitations are in the process of being sent out today by email. If you do not receive an email from SCE today, you will also be able to sign up over the next 5 days on a variety of popular gaming sites. I cannot name the sites here, however the LittleBigPlanet News Site will be giving out more details tomorrow. If any further places to sign up are made available I'll update this thread again.


What if I don't get a key, I really want to play!?

This beta is being released in order to test element of the online game. As such it should not be seen as a demo, a trial or anything more than helping us to ensure that the server architecture is running. If you don't get a key you are missing out on a version of the game which is extremely limited and not fully representative of the final Blu-ray release of the game.


I saw a key for sale, should I buy it?

Absolutely not. Any key which has been used already will be disabled as soon as it is used a second time. While some people may be selling unused keys it is firstly not worth the risk and secondly in violation of the EULA.


If I ask for a key can you give me one?

Please don't ask for keys here, it won't do you any good. Similarly don't ask for keys on the forum as a whole, it won't help your chances, and just makes the place look untidy.




Dont share the Beta! Link


Firstly, there are more beta keys coming, so don't give up just yet.


Secondly, this is absolutely untrue. If you share a beta key with anyone it will disable the key automatically.


I appreciate that there is high demand for keys, but if you don't get one please do not seek to obtain a key from anyone else.





Is the Beta 17+? Link


We'll have details on any rules associated with the beta when its announced, until then I can't really answer that. 






Is the North America Beta going to be like the Japanese Beta? Link



It's well worth noting that this signup page is for Japan only. Europe and North America may well have a different system. As soon as there is more news I'll let you know. 





Bugs should already be non-existant because of the Closed Beta: Link


As stated previously, the beta is not being used to test the game, rather it is being used to test server infrastructure, so the game may well have gone gold before the test starts, but the servers can still be worked on right up until the last minute. 





I want some beta keys!!! Link


PS sorry but beta keys and their distribution are actually entirely in the hands of Sony. MM have no control over this, so we can’t help if anyone wants to get on the beta trial, I am certain (100%) there are more keys coming SOON but we’d recommend checking the playstation forums and all the usual places for news. In fact, even MM hasn’t received our own full set of keys yet - we’ve only got about 10 between us all so far! (ok so we can play the game anyway, but, y’know, in case it makes you feel better!)






No HDD imports!!! Link


We're well aware that people would sooner be able to import images direct from hard disk in addition to using the PlayStation Eye option, however for launch that'll be the only way to get fresh sticker images into the game. I'm pretty sure that with good lighting and a steady hand you'll get decent results even if it isn't the most elegant way to get the job done.




LBP Dowloadable Content: Link


It's worth highlighting right now that LittleBigPlanet will have regular updates of downloadable content, and I believe it has been mentioned in the past that we have been in talks with third parties regarding themed downloadable packs. Disney was mentioned at PAX only in the context of being an example, so the article in question is speculative. There is plenty of work still to do at our end before we can announce what these packs will be and when they'll be released, so as ever until you hear it officially announced it's worth seeing it as speculation only.




Sixaxis Features: Link


The most obvious Sixaxis features give you a little more control over your Sackperson. Tilting the controller will move Sackboy's head around (allowing for some great headbanging moments) while if you click L3 you'll switch to controlling his hips. Impressions of a former Graceland resident are a must :smileyhappy: 




Pop-It Menu has different colours! Link


Yes you can. You've got a choice of 20 or so colour combinations for Popit.




There are no plans to let people charge for their levels: Link


While this has been cleared up previously, here's the news on users being able to sell their content to one another.


We're looking at ways whereby talented creators can profit from their efforts in LittleBigPlanet; we want to encourage creation and excellence and an ideal way to do this is to enable creators to build levels for the game "professionally". There are many ways we could do this, but the most obvious are to allow users to set a price for their content in some fashion, or for SCE to commission specific users to create levels which are subsequently sold as premium content.


This is where the discussion on this subject currently ends, as right now we have no plans to bring any ideas along these lines into the game. So right now we're looking at various options, but there is nothing planned.



Sackboy on Facebook! Link


For those of you who are members of Facebook you can find a certain Mr Sackboy LittleBigPlanet now in residence. He's going to be keeping any of his friends up to date on a variety of subjects so if you're keen to know more as it happens why not add him as a friend? 



How big are the levels? Link

Where'd you hear this box idea? The thermometer has been present for quite some time and as far as I'm aware there weren't any plans for an alternative.


Not quite sure why there is such resistence to it, from my perspective it's handy and unobtrusive.


Additionally, don't get hung up on the 5MB size limit for levels, what you think is 5MB of content will end up being pretty big in terms of a level design. Custom stickers are the biggest resource user in the game because they're not pre-loaded on everyone's PS3 who is playing the game, whereas an existing sticker will be stored in your level as a few numbers - sticker ID, position in level, size, rotation - so a sticker which physically might be 50k will, if on the Blu-ray use up a few bytes at most.


From the testing we're done already you can build fantastic levels of impressive size and still not hit the thermometer limit. If your sole aim is to beat the thermometer, just start adding custom stickers.





How many levels can we upload? Only 3? Link

This isn't true. There is a limit to the number of levels you can have online at a time, but it's more than three. I won't give the actual number as it may change again before the game launches.





Can we replace an already uploaded level? Link






There was mention that you can get your limit increased, how does this work? Link


This is true. Creators who put out a lot of high quality levels may have their limit increased. The exact process whereby this happens is still being worked on, however it is likely to be awarded in an on the fly basis rather than in an automated fashion.




Why is there a limit in the first place? Link


For many of the positive reasons stated in this thread so far, and also so that we can keep the growth of the shared database to a manageable size - if we were to see 50k new levels published in a single day, many of them "tests" or works in progress we'd miss a lot of quality content. With no limits there would also be no reason for anyone to ever delete a level they'd uploaded, so pretty soon the collection of shared levels would become very large and unwieldly with a large quantity of incomplete or test levels.


As with all the features of the online game we'll be paying close attention to how it's used once it's out there refining and improving features and functionality in response to how they're being used.





LittleBigPlanet will have TV Ads: Link  


Wow…you really must be disappointed. We realize that this game has lots of potential especially with the casual market (who happens to shop closer to the holidays - not so much right now)…so…what if I tell you we’ll have multiple TV spots running in Oct-Dec, Print advertising in Sep-Dec, Online advertising in Sep-Dec, and Viral activity in Sept-Dec, would that make you happier?

But keep in mind, marketing is more than just commercials, its generating press buzz, establishing promotional partnerships, preparing retailer initiatives (pre-orders), building a community (check out our News Site), and much much more. And all this to a perfectly timed crescendo at launch…all of which, is a month away. So stay patient, my friend, “Fun Shall Overcome




Wow Sackboy plush on its way? Link


Sorry, we had to be fair to our retailers and let the consumer choose. We’ve played with both costumes I guarantee you’ll be happy with whichever you chose.

About the plush. Its on its way, we’re making sure its done right.





Is There a limited Edition? Link


Sorry, no plans for a LE LBP @ launch…




Online Create mode is not in the game right now but will be available pretty soon: Link


I may be wrong but it seems like there's some misunderstanding over what this means. As ever, here's a mini FAQ.


Is online create in the game from launch?
No it's not, however it will be included in the first game update after launch. We're working on making this available as quickly as possible, but want to make sure it's right before releasing it.


What does online create actually mean?
Online create, quite simply, is the ability to use the create side of the game in an online multiplayer fashion.


So I can still share my levels?
Absolutely. All of the sharing features of the game are up and running.


And I can still play multiplayer?
Yes. Online multiplayer for playing the game is still very much there.


And I can still create levels with my friends offline?
Totally. Up to 4 players can work together on a single PS3 to create levels. Also, you can still work collaboratively with friends to build levels by exchanging them through the share portion of the game.


From my perspective, which you can take or leave, it is well worth getting some practise in with the create side of the game before trying to use it in a multiplayer fashion as it can be somewhat frustrating to get things done if everyone you're working with is still getting used to all the functions. While it's not ideal to have to wait for this feature to be released, it might actually be beneficial to creators until it happens as you'll be able to work out the tools entirely, and figure out how best to work with others on your projects.





Is it possible for 2 Players on 1 PS3 to play with 2 players on another PS3? Link


As mentioned above, yes indeed you can play multiplayer with any combination of online and local players





Are there Floating Platforms? Link


In response to the original question, yes, floating platforms are definitely possible... here are three ways to do it (and I'm sure there are more)


1 - Make your platform out of the mysterious Dark Matter.


2 - Stick your platform to a thin background layer which is supported in some way.


3 - Use Floaty material to have an actual floating platform.





Sam, Are you happy with this game? Link


While I absolutely love the game to bits, it would be wrong of me to take any credit for its design. So yes, I'm very happy, and I firmly believe you guys will be too. 






Does LittleBigPlanet have Competitive modes? Link


What you're basically asking here is, can you play LittleBigPlanet competitively or is it purely co-operative?


The answer is a very big yes - you can certainly compete against other players. Right now this is score based in every level, but once you get to grips with putting your own ideas into action the sky is the limit.





Dont ask Sam about Beta Codes! Link


There is no further news on the beta at the moment, and when the time comes I'll point you in the right direction to sign up, or let you know if it's running in an invitation only fashion.


I had several dozen requests waiting for me by PM which I haven't responded to, purely because I don't have any codes to give away! Don't worry if you're one of the people who asked, I don't mind at all, just letting you know that I can't help you with this particular quest...





We can play with the Developers!!! Link


We'll be around :smileyhappy:


And you can bet we'll be creating some levels for you to play with, so even if you don't get to slap yours truly into a flaming pit, you can at least abuse my creations.




How much HDD space do we need? Link


With the release version of the game, you'll need just under 500MB of space to be off and running. After that it will depend entirely on how many levels you create and download, and how much extra content you add to the game. 






Details about the "First Week Updates" Link


There hasn't been a specific thread on this subject but it merits a little more information.


There's been some queries about exactly how long is meant by "first week" given that the game releases on different days in various countries. We want to make sure that everyone who gets the game early can grab their additional Sackboy goodies (if they want to) so we'll make sure these are available for long enough for people to do so. The important thing to note here is that both of the below items will only be available at game launch, after which they'll be gone forever, so if you want to be one of a select few, get in there early.


The first item offered will be absolutely free; the Sackboy Spacesuit costume. Not only does this come in multiple parts, so you can mix and match it with other costume parts you have, but it also takes on the colouring of your Popit. This should allow plenty of variation in Spacesuits as many people will be bouncing around to celebrate launch!


The second item we're offering is the first in a series of rare LittleBigPlanet costume parts - the Week One Tshirt.


We'll detail much more of upcoming content for the game closer to game launch.





So why is online create not released yet? Link


Essentially because it's not right yet.


Online create works, but the team at Media Molecule felt that it wasn't everything it could be, so wanted to take some extra time to get it right. We want to make sure that the first time you join a collaborative creation session it encourages you to do it again, and there were some quirks in the system as it was that meant this might not be the case.





How flexible is the overall level lighting? Link for the next 5 points


Very. You have several controls which can affect the overall mood and lighting of a level, ranging from pitch blackness to very bright.



When taking an in-game screenshot can it be exported to the XMB?


Not at this time.



Will the beta include multiplayer?





Can different musical instruments be used with the game music system?


Yes. I don't have precise details on the number, except to say that there are a few.



Do I need to pre-order to be able to get the week one exclusive content?


No. Doesn't matter where in the world you are, in order to be able to grab the Spacesuit and rare tshirt, all you need is the game and a PSN account.




Whats with that "First 10 to complete a level trophy"? Link


Here's the official response on this question - it means any one of the first 10 people to play any level, whether that's the original levels in the game or anything created by the community. There will be plenty of opportunity to be in the top ten. 

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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

Sep 15, 2008
lol nice, I'm glad you took  Reverend_M's advice and made this thread. hopefully it will limit so many threads asking all the same questions. I might have missed ti but i think you forgot to include the recent stuff Sam told us about the beta, sit tight because it's still coming  and that it's only going to be a stress test so the game very well could have already gone gold before the beta starts since all the "bug finding" was already taken care of in the closed beta. Good work, they should sticky this one. 
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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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I cant find it.. can you please give me a link?
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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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Never mind i found it
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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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If i could Kudos you I would! This is GRRRRRRRRREAT!

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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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Very nice! Thanks for the Info!
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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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Thanks for the Kudos


I almost forgot the most important post.. the No HDD imports one 

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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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Very nice! All of Sam_Protagonist's info in one place!


Kudo to you.

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Re: Important Info that Sam (DEV) has given us, all in one thread

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TamarindLAZ wrote:

Very nice! All of Sam_Protagonist's info in one place!


Kudo to you.



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