Nov 28 2012
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Little Big Planet Karting Problem

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My brother and I have been trying to play LBPK for a few days now together however It seems it will not let me join him in his pod and vice versa, and when we actually join in we can play possibly one game and then we get kicked out.


Wr do turn off and on our ps3's to hope that helps, and it's not our internet because we can play all other games on the network just fine.


Was wondering if anyone had suggestions? or knew what was wrong? or if this is a common occurance?





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Re: Little Big Planet Karting Problem

Nov 28, 2012
No suggestion other then give up on trying until a patch is released that will hopefully fix this issue as well as others... What's wrong is UFG... Common occurrence! Unfortunately UFG isn't like MM, Double 11 or Tarsier which worked/work with us and reply back when contacted about issues with other LBP games so with all the issues you and other people are enjoying with LBPK UFG is not talking nor do I think they've even released some form of message saying that the issues are being looked in to!
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Re: Little Big Planet Karting Problem

Jun 15, 2013

Little Big Planet Karting is horrible there are so many problems its rediculous. First of all there are too many level glitches where your driving and then all of the sudden you hit a jump and never make it to the next platform or get stuck on walls. Then the horrible loading screen which is pure white its blinding and i dont care if that is so the camera can see you or not it is horrible and gives you a headache within a minute of loading the game. And also why is it that it feels like your a turtle on the track with how slow everything feels and drifting is horrible. If this is made for kids then why are the bots so difficult to defeat. Sony you really screwed yourself with this game. It is beyond horrible. Next time don't let your developers be lazy and take the easy way out. Oh and why is it that every game that comes out has a different way of controling characters and cars. Please fix this game we would like to see LBP to not go down the toilet. Thank you and goodbye.

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Re: Little Big Planet Karting Problem

Jan 4, 2016

Please somebody help...i keep getting kicked out of  the little big planet karting servers... why is this?  it is just in this game that i have trouble with  in regrds the connections...Helpful feedbacks are greatly appreciated...

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